Friday, May 27, 2016

Aaron's Sorta New House

I just realized I never showed you photos of  my middle child, Aaron's new house.  He just turned 27 on the 23rd of this month, I'm a very proud Mama!  He served his country in the Air Force for 4 years as a crew chief on fighter jets, one of the top jobs you can get when you enlist. All new recruits have to take an aptitude test when they enter and the top scorers get to pick their job assignments.  He did very well and was able to get his dream job.  Since he's been out, he's met the sweet girl of his dreams, has one more year of tech school left of a 2 year program to get his certificate to continue working on airplanes, is at the top of his class and has bought his first home.  We looked for quite a while to find what he wanted because most things he could afford needed a whole lot of work.  If homes are at all decent here, they have offers almost the same day they go on the market and a lot of times, more then one.  After being beat out on a couple of homes he'd made offers on, we found one that was beautiful, not what was the norm for his price range and had just come on the market.  We were on our way to meet his agent to see it when he called and told us it had 2 offers already.  We almost said forget it but our agent was already there so we went ahead.  It was gorgeous and on almost and acre, totally updated, everything you could want and more in a first home.  Of course we all loved it and he decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  He offered the most he was qualified for and we hoped for the best.  His agent presented his offer, told the owner's agent all about him, that he was a vet, going to school etc.  A few hours later, he got the good news that they accepted his offer!  He'll have been in his house a year as of June.  The photos I'm going to show are the MLS photos with the owners furniture and décor.

The house sits on a beautifully landscaped acre lot

This is the back of the house showing the breeze way  to the kitchen door, door to the patio and the carport which is beautiful and would be fabulous screened in and large storage room .

This gives you a better look at the carport on the far left

The gorgeous front door and a peek into the dining room.  The hardwood oak floors
look pretty orange but in reality are a beautiful medium brown color

The living room. Throughout the house they used all Restoration Hardware
paint colors which were perfect

View from the living room facing the dining room

The kitchen is small but practical with beautiful granite, perfect for him

The pass thru to the dining room ( you can see the door into the laundry room on the right)

The dining room

The large master bedroom with a wonderful bay window

The master bath with a sky light and 2 walk in closets

The second bedroom (his older brother Chris moved in with him and this is his room) gorgeous ceiling along with a beautiful green paint color and walk in closet

The 3rd bedroom, the boys are using it as a den with a second TV so they if they happen to need some "space" they have some where to go
As you can see, the previous owners had it decorated beautifully.  It has been perfect for both the boys and they are enjoying living there. Eventually, my plan is to show you photographs of what it looks like now that the boys are in.  I did most of the decorating with things I have found at the flea, yard sales, Good Will, Hobby Lobby sales, etc.  Been hoarding, whoops I mean storing things just waiting for one of them to get their own place.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and they seem to be also.  Chris doesn't have to worry, even though I've furnished most of Aaron's home, I still have PLENTY of stuff left for him when he gets his own place!

Aaron on the left with his sister, Kate and his older brother, Chris who
is also a Marine vet, at her wedding.  Very proud of all of them!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Till next time.......

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