Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter White Cabinet

Christmas is over, all the decorations are finally packed up and put away.  The house has settled down and the winter decor is in place.  This is what my vintage white cabinet looks  like till I get Spring Fever!
 This little lamp I got for free at an auction it in the left over pile

I got these printer's letters at a antique mall in Bell Buckle for $2.00 each

These deer, I got at Target on sale after Christmas a couple of years ago

This is my favorite red plaid box, it was $1.00 at a yard sale
The carved wood duck is from our old store,  $3.00
Basket from a yard sale,  50cents
This sweet deer and her fawn, from our old store,  $2.00 

Till next time......

Monday, February 4, 2013

February Red....1

I know February is all about Valentines day, hearts flowers, romance, all that stuff.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for romance but I'm soooo not a  hearts and flowers kind of girl but I do love me some "red"!   So, I'm gonna  celebrate Valentines day a bit differently by posting some of my favorite red things!

Red riding jackets
Red bikes
Pool balls, especially red ones
Red English phone booths (I like aaron pretty much too)!
Red tennies
Red coffee cups, the bigger the better
Red bed linens
Red plaid
Red picnick ware
Vintage red travel trailors
Red luggage
Red flats
Red adirondack chairs
Vintage red trucks
Red books 
(ok, so I gave in and put one little heart in this post for you tradionalists out there)!
Till next time......
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