Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nantucket Beauty........

When I was young, I read a book about a girl that lived on Nantucket and ever since then, it's been a place I've always wanted to go.  So far, that hasn't happened but if I did go, do you think I could stay here?


Maybe one of you would be so kind as as to give them a call and ask?  I'd really appreciate it!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Style at Home........

Since I don't live at the beach, the next best thing is getting that feel by getting out my favorite "beachy" accessories.  Here are some of the things that make me feel like I'm "living the life"!

This sits on my kitchen table on one of my favorite Florida tablecloths, Florida plate, $3.00 from my old store  (I sure miss the advantage of having a store and getting 1st dibs on things )!

This cute little mirror was only .50cents at a yard sale!

(This is a photo I took of lifeguard station # 1 in
Huntington Beach, CA better known as "Surf City"

Ironstone bowl from my old store, $11.00, (what a deal)!

Spoon holder from my old store, $3.00, S&P  from same place, $2.00 (they have Florida on front and are covered in shell pieces)

Shells free from beach in Florida

As usual, most of these things have come from yard sales, thrift stores or
antique mall and shops and were very inexpensive, just the way I like it!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Sweetness.....

Here is a little something sweet to get your weekend jump started!


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Kritters......

My kitchen is a pretty good size so I'm able to get a few pieces of furniture in there which gives me extra places to decorate.  There is also space between the cabinets and ceiling where I have  room for my enamel coffee pot collection and collection of puppy planters.  Looking around, I didn't realize how many "kritters" were living in there.  So far, they all seem happy and quite content with their lot in life as am I!

I got this fabulous cow from one of the dealers in our old store.

This chicken cookie jar came from a yard sale and was $1.00
I have 2 pear lamps, they came from my old store.

This is a part of my puppy planter collection, they all came from yard sales, malls or thrift stores.

Rooster from Hobby Lobby on sale 

These 2 came from my old store and are in a hanging  box I got at a yard sale for .50 cents.

My little red rooster lamp sits in the corner on my counter. He was $1.50.

Rooster from my old store, he was $3.00.

Last, my favorite white rooster that sits on my table and came from TJ Maxx.

Never fear, they are all well fed, well mannered and as far as I know, have no desire to fly the coop!

Till next time......

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping Bliss Part 1........

After our trip to the Flea last month, we took Teresa and Tonia to one of our favorite places, Franklin TN, to do a little (more) shopping!  Franklin  is one of the most beautiful little towns in the state and has some of the best shops and antique malls.  The historic district has some of the most gorgeous homes, but, that's a post for another day!  Here are some photos of a couple of our favorite places. I took so many photos, it's going to take a couple of posts to show you all the wonderful things we saw, so, here is part 1!

This is Rebecca's Furniture and Home Decor Shop.  Her father builds a lot of the furniture and they have a in house design business. A good friend of mine, Camille, is one of the designers here and she is fabulous!  In a previous post, I showed you pics of her wedding.   A lot of country singers shop here.  My BF happened to be in the store the same time Cheryl Crow was shopping  and Camille has helped Naomi Judd, just to do a little name dropping!
It was really crowded so I only got a few pics upstairs.

This is the antique store, Scarlett Scales.  They were written up a few years ago in Country Home magazine.
She was also in Country Living magazine as a tour guide for Franklin.
It may be tiny, but, it's fabulous!  You might want to check out her blog,

Here is a photo of one of the shops we didn't go in but I thought their window was really cute, and PINK!

Till next time.....