Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friends and The Flea........

This past weekend was Sooo much fun! First, it was Nashville Flea Market time again and Second, one of my bloggy friends, Teresa from Our Southern Country Home and Farm, drove all the way up here from Mississippi to go to it with us!  My friend Sherry and I met her and her friend Tonia at Mickey D's and then went on to the Flea.  We had a blast shopping till we couldn't shop anymore, is that possible, heck no!  They found things they'd been looking for and hadn't been able to find and by the end of our shopping spree, their car was loaded!  Here are some pics of our crazy, fun filled day!

Tonia and Teresa with Teresa's 1st find of the day,
a fab hat box for $3.00!

My BF Sherry and Teresa

Teresa and one of her favorite finds!

While we were there, we were also were lucky enough to meet Robin and Pam from the blog
They had a space with lots of fabulous things!  They were a lot of fun to talk to and told us about going to the opening of Mike from American Pickers new store that had it's grand opening in Nashville, Friday night.  They said they will be sharing lots of photos from the opening party on their blog soon.  Can't wait to check out his new store, they said it  was wonderful with lots of amazing stuff!

From left to right, Pam, Teresa Robin and Tonia

I wish I'd gotten some better shots of their space but we were
on our way out and it was really crowded by their space which
was really good for them!

In  posts to come, I will show you some of the great things we saw at the Flea that didn't come home with us and our trip to Franklin Tn.  Needless to say, we packed in as much as we could in one fast and furious day of shopping, gabbing and fun!
Be sure to check out Teresa's blog,

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Let There Be Light.......

 I hate to pay full price for anything.  So, saying that, all and I mean all my lamps have come from yard sales  thrift stores or on sale, really, really cheap.  I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites.

garage sale lamp $2.00  lamp shade $2.00

garage sale lamp asking $10 got for $7

close up of base, my favorite

lamp from good will, was brass, spray painted it brown, $2.99,  shade from yard sale,  $2.00

lamp from good will,  $2.99,  was brass, spray painted textured brown,  shade, yard sale, $2.00

garage sale lamp  $3.00  (the shade reminds me of Chinese hat)

garage sale lamp $5.00

lamp was $29, marked down to $8.00, Marshall's, has nick on base in back

lamp from Linen and Things going out of business sale $7.00 have 2

small rooster lamp yard sale $1.50

That is just some of my "light story"!

  Sorry about the dates on the pictures, I haven't used this camera in a long time and didn't know the date was on there and it's not even the right date!  Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to get it off!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Style Dinning..........

It's summer and it's hot, hot, hot!  One of my favorite things to do is spend time with friends and one of our favorite things to do is eat!  Here are some gorgeous rooms that fill  both requirements quite nicely! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ladder Inspiration.........

I really like decorating for summer, love all the shells, sand, and beachy things that make home feel like a cottage by the sea.  When it came to hanging something over the sofa where my 2 large equestrian prints were, I was at a loss, I didn't have anything big enough so I had to figure something out.  I looked at my white ladder which I use to hang my vintage tablecloths on, (a thrifty find at the flea, $20 ),  I thought it might work if I hung it sideways on the wall.  I didn't even have to hammer in any new nails!  Hung it up and then put my photos of the kids in white frames on the rail, leaned my boat sign on the top rail, perfect!  I love the way it looks, and the best part is I didn't have to buy anything new!  Even though you can't see much of it, my red, linen sofa is also a thrifty deal.  It belonged to one of my BFs.  She bought it for around a $1000. and had it for a couple of years and then decided it didn't work cuz she had 2 (adorable) dogs who just wouldn't stay off it.  So, she sold it to me for $150!  I love the pop of color and it fits right in with my brown, olive green and red color pallet!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Style Living.....

Since Tennessee is pretty land locked, I don't get to the beach that often which means I have to get my "beachy" inspiration from other places.  Here are some rooms that would definitely make me feel that I was "living the life"!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stormy Weather or Shades of Grey......

No, this isn't about the song, but the storm that passed through Nashville yesterday afternoon and evening!  I was fascinated by the storm clouds swirling by so I took a few photos.  As fierce as it was, (only for a short time, most of the really bad stuff stayed closer to Nashville)  I thought the clouds were beautiful!

This last one really intrigued me.  Can you see what I see in these clouds?
Call me crazy,  but I see an  "alien's" upper body with his hand up to the left side of his face!  Do you see that or is my imagination just out of control?   ( My daughter, Kate sure thinks so)! 
   (Not sure if I should have asked that question, but what the heck, I can take it)!
(Look at the right sideof the cloud, see the head,  the 2 dark spots are the eyes,the hand next to the left dark spot, the eye,  then down, the nose. etc.)

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sailboats and Suitcases

I've managed to get most of my summer decor out, all I have left to do is dig out my collection of shells.  In one corner,  I''ve used an old  white door from the flea market as the back drop for my stack of suitcases and some of my favorite things that say "Beach" to me!  The best part is that they are all thrifty finds!
I got the 2 books, Prairie Style and Waterside Cottages off the Internet at less then they would have been at the book store,  does that count as a thrifty find, I sure think so!  I love the aqua color of the book jackets!


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