Monday, February 27, 2012

First Love.....

I hope you didn't think this was about some guy, they can come and go but your first collection, now that's something special!  Back in the mid 90's, after I'd moved to TN from Wis, I went back to visit my 2 BFs and  we went junking. In the very first shop we entered, I saw him, er I mean it,  and, it was gorgeous! It was sitting quietly on the bottom shelf in the midst of piles of chipped and dirty odds and ends, looking very forlorn and lonely.  A perfect little jadite green cup and saucer.  I picked it up and fell in "love"! The price you might ask, a whopping $1.25!  Well, I put it back on the shelf and we left, can ya believe I did that!  We went on to a bunch more shops and had a blast, but, that little cup & saucer was like a siren, calling my name from a far. Finally I could no longer stand it and I asked my BF to take me back to that 1st shop and this time, it came home with me!  Slowly over the next few years it was joined by a lot of other pieces that have come home to live here very happily!  The good part of this story is that I was lucky enough to fall in love with it way BEFORE Martha Stewart was on TV and showed everyone her fabulous collection wwhich sky rocketed the prices!  Some of the dishes shown were purchased for between $10.00 and $20.00 but most were under $10.00.  The mixing bowls were the most expensive, for the set of 4, I paid $45.00
All the pieces shown are vintage, unless otherwise specified.  Here is a good part of my collection.

Set of 4 mixing bowls which is now over a $100.00

Chile bowls, serving bowls, soup bowls, salad bowls

Large platters, salad bowls, desert bowls, dinner plates, salad plates

These pieces are currently being produced

Vintage pieces

 Green kitchen utensils are the 2nd  thing I started collecting not long after the jadite.

I love green and these little spice jars are some of my favorite things, they were $2.00 apiece, a real steal!

Just thought I'd show you these cuz I love them, got them on sale at Target a few years ago,
place settings for 4, $8.00

The 3 tier plate and cannisters below are currently being produced

Well, that's most of my collection, didn't get any pics of my mugs and some of my other plates but,
you get the idea!

Till next time.....

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Cabinet....

My white cabinet is decorated for the little bit of winter that is left.  It will stay this way till March, by then, I'll be ready for a change, hopefully the weather will be more springlike and all my birds nests and bunnies will be ready to put in an apperance! I'm fighting the uge to start changing things up now! 
Most everything shown is from yardsales, our old store, the flea, or Target, on sale.

This little lamp is from a auction, it was left over at the end and was FREE!
(thinking of eventually painting it white)
Fishing creel, yardsale, $3.50,  large deers from Target, after Xmas sale
Print letters, $4.00 each from antique mall in Bellbuckle TN

Usually for the holidays, I have round white candles on the antlers,  the rest of
the time I use small pinecones which look really cool , but as you can see, I forgot to get them out!

Duck decoy, from our store, on sale, $4.00
my favorite red plaid tin which I've used alot this fall and winter, yard sale, $1.00

One of my favorite photos of my daughter, Kate, a sophomore in collage and my son, Aaron, now in his last few months in the Air Force

My favorite "dark face" clocks, lg, $8.00, sm, $3.00

Mother deer and fawn figurene, our old store, (boy do I miss that place for stuff) $2.50

My first child's riding hat,  $20 from our store

Wood star (tree topper)  from after Xmas sale at Target, $2.50

I have a soft spot for deers and here are a few more that I have around the house!

This deer snow globe I got a Target for $1.69 on sale after Xmas a couple of years ago
little books, $1.00 each at the flea market

This pillow is also from Target on sale after Xmas

Till next time......

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleeping In....

The weather here has been so gloomy and dreary lately!  It just makes me want to stay in bed, all warm and cozy with a good book, the TV and a big cup of coffee! If I had one of these gorgeous bedrooms, I'm afraid you'd find me hibernating all winter!

(Images from Pottery Barn and Pinterest)

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Monday, February 13, 2012


A friend and I went to the January Flea in Nashville to see what we could find.   My friend Lisa had never been we and was pretty excited about going.   Climbing the "death hill" at the back entrance took the wind out of her sails but she wasn't down and out for long!  The weather was cool but sunny so not bad for huntin!
The months after the holiday aren't usually the best, a lot of the regular dealers don't come till it warms up a little but there's still plenty to see.   I didn't find a lot of bigger stuff, was looking for some small pieces of furniture but did come away with a few  things.  We had a lot of fun!

First, update for today,

Happy Valentines Day!

my vintage lock and heart planter

Before I show you what I got, here's a updated photo of my mantle without the garland, yep, finally put it away!  I'll leave it this way for a little bit longer, till I get the itch for change!

This moose was out on my front porch during Christmas but I've brought him in to sit in front of the fireplace.
He was hangin out at one of my favorite antiques malls, was marked $29, but was on sale for $20.00 and was begging to come home with me, what's a girl to do but bring the poor homeless thing home!

This chair I love,  got it for $35.00,  I love anything with cane!

I think the wood on this little stool is gorgeous!
It was  only $7.00!

This rusty tool box is one of my favorite things, it was $6.00

Isn't the inside fabulous, I was very excited when I opened  it and saw that it was turquoise!

This little enamel top table's top is painted to look like wood,  I haven't seen another one like it
It was on sale for $35.00

Love the worn paint on this child's chair, it was $5.00

This burlap coffee bag is huge and was $5.00

When I saw this part of a vintage gate,  I couldn't resist!  $3.00

For some reason I can't seem to leave these behind when I come accross them.  Have a small
collection,  this one was $3.00

This red and black chair was $8.00

I have a large collection of vintage tablecloths, got these 2 for $12.00 each

I think I did pretty good but am looking forward to the February Flea!

Happy Valentines Day

Till next time......

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