Thursday, January 26, 2012

George Jones' Neighborhood......

Since I've been "under the weather" this week and havent' gotten anything new to post,  I went back thru my photos and found the ones I took last fall of the neighborhood that country super star George Jones lives in.   It's right outside of Franklin TN and only has about 3 streets.  All the homes are set on minimum acre lots, most of them on more.  The only bad thing is that his home sets way back and has a lot of trees in front so you can't really see his house, just the entrance.  In the winter it's much more visible.
(Sorry these aren't the best photos, but you get the idea)

It's kind of hard to tell but those are music notes on the gate

There is a bronze horse on each side of the stone columns

(This photo of his house is from the web)

George Jones' Home

Here are some other houses around the neighborhood

This next house was kind on interesting.  Their design style was different to say the least.  In front, there is a  rose garden surrounded by a stone wall with 2 large lions on each side, a fountain in front of that and then on the side of the property, another pond with a fountain and a mermaid standing on her head!  

Here's a close up of one of the lions and his "ball"(?)

She's standing on her head because......?

Ok, this was kind of weird, I don't know if any of you had ever had this happen, but after I took the picture of the house below and had moved down the street to take pics of the house above, a car flew up next to me and the woman driver rolled down her window and demanded to know if I took a pic of her house and why.
Needless to say I was caught off guard and just said "a because I liked it".  She sat there for a minute and then drove off back to her house.  That's her car in the driveway.

Makes me wonder what that was all about, did she think a was a spy, a private eye, or maybe a black mailer?  That's her car in the driveway.   At least she didn't shoot me or anything!

Till next time......

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Is My Favorite......

One of my favorite things are stools, especially the vintage kitchen stools.  I have two, a green one and a red one, the red one I'll save for another time.  The other is vintage scales.  I have a small collection of them and  found this one at one of the last yard sales in the fall.  It's green, (oh yeah) and grey! It was only $7.00!  The stool was another yard sale find for $12.00!  I'm kind of going thru withdrawels cuz I haven't gone to any sales or the flea since before Christmas!  Thank goodness the Flea is this weekend, can't wait!!

Till next time.......

PS.  Today is my x - Marine's 26 th birthday!  I can hardly believe it!
(I know you won't tell him I put his pic on here, right)!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Passionate About.....

Horses and riding has always been something I love  and happily enough, my daughter Kate has wanted to learn to ride also. We knew that a few years ago a wonderful new arena and horse facility was built not to far from the MTSU campus but we just found out this past year that school had a riding team and that you could take lessons and classes in horsemanship. This past fall, Kate joined the team and began taking lessons. She's had a blast and done well in her beginning class. They offer all types of riding from western to hunt seat which is used when you jump. She decided on hunt seat, which made me happy cuz that's what I ride! The school club competes in a lot of shows around the area which is a lot of fun and great experience. Toward the end of the first semester, her instructor approached Kate about showing in a couple of classes at the last show in KY. She was freaked out to say the least, the really big thing was they wanted her to ride in the beginning western walk and jog class! Keep in mind, her lessons had all been in English which is totally different! Well, she decided to give it a shot, they managed to give her 2 quick lessons in the basics of Western and off she went! I was sad cuz I was unable to make it to watch her compete in her very 1st show! She had a great time and managed to get a 6th place in her first class and a 2nd place in her last class! Very exciting! Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of her all dressed up in her western "duds" but do have a pic of her very cool ribbons! One of her friend's Mom and Dad own one of the best training stables here in town and have offered her the opportunity of comming and helping out at their stable a couple days a week in return for lessons! Very cool
I do have a few photos of her working on a couple of the horses out there, this 1st gorgeous horse is the one she got to take a lesson on. I took these pics not thinking they would end up here so bare with me, some of
them are not the best!

This is the gorgeous horse Kate got to take her lesson on

This is the inside of the barn which is big enough to do some basic riding in, don't know
what happened to this photo, but hopefully you get the idea!

These are only a portion of the ribbons hanging in the lounge

Here are Kate's very first ribbons!

I was so excited to watch her riding, I forgot to take any photos during her lesson! Hopefully next time I will have it together a little more and get some shots!

Till next time......

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Up or Down .....

Unlike a lot (most) of you who have put up all your Christmas, packed it away and already redecorated all the bare spots left from Christmas decorations,  I am not one of you!  My philosophy is a little different, as my children will be the first to tell anyone who will listen, (they think I'm a little crazy)!  I really love my very realistic "faux" tree and since it only comes out once a year, I like to enjoy it as long as possible, and if that means leaving it up for a little while, ok, maybe a little longer then normal like 1, 2 or maybe 3 weeks, once or twice,  longer after Christmas, I do!  Since I'm not showing you my tree, I feel very brave in admitting that it's still up!  Now, here's the thing, Christmas is gone from everywhere except the tree,  (which is getting closer to going ) and my pinecone garland which I have left on the mantle.  I love having the little white lights on in the evening and the greenery and pinecones feel woodsy and wintry to me,  is that wrong?   Eventually, I get that "everything has gotta go" feeling and then I pack it all up and it's gone till next year.  Is  that weird or what?  So... should I take the garland off the mantle or leave it up for a little while longer?  I just reread this, what am I thinking!  Here I am worrying about my garland being up when I'm sitting here looking at a fully decorated Christmas tree! 

(I changed out the 2 trophies on the red box to taller ones)

I really like the refection of the lights on the silver and the mercury glass.
I think the garland will stay up for a "little" longer!
All the trophies were "thrifty" finds before the prices jumped!

Till next time......

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow.... Almost......

Our good "old" weatherman called for about a half inch of snow yesterday, but did it happen, NOOO!  What we got was a very light dusting which lasted all of about 2 minutes!  Now, I know that made some people VERY happy, NOT ME!  I lived in Green Bay  Wisconsin  for 3 years and I loved the snow!  Well, I admit, when it got to be April or May, not so much!  By then I was ready for some good old sunshine!

Yesterday, I wish it would have looked like this!

But for that to have happened, it would have had to have done this!

Then it might have looked like these!

And, then I could have done this!

And this!

(All photos from pinterest)

Snow, maybe next time......