Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kate's Wedding Decor

  Kate's wedding was at 2pm Sunday afternoon.  We had from that morning till then to decorate for the wedding.  It was very hectic and crazy but amazingly enough, I did manage to stay sane! If I hadn't had my 5 BFs to help, it wouldn't have happened! They were amazing!  Kate didn't really know what she wanted, she was very busy with school and Kailyn so pretty much left it up to me.  Now, I'm not saying we didn't have a couple of meltdowns, only 3!  Example, at one point she thought she wanted a "black and white" wedding!  Meltdown #1 on my part!  The whole point of her having a fall wedding was cuz of all the beautiful colors, right?  Fortunately she came to her senses, (after much debate), and went with the gorgeous colors of fall!   We were on a very tight budget so this was a very "thrifty" wedding.  Most of the things we used, I already had.  Most everything else, I shopped Hobby Lobby's 50% off days and used a lot of their 40% coupons.  Love that store!  What I did purchase was mainly small things such as ribbon etc.  Since the food they wanted to serve was bar-be-que, we choose to use clear plastic plates, cups and utensils, all bought with HL coupons.  The chairs, tables, tablecloths and overlays were all part of the venue package.  Wrapping the beams above the reception area with white twinkle lights was something I debated doing because of the time it would take.  In the end, we did and it was so worth it! It just made it magical, even in the daylight! 
Sorry these photos aren't better, I was a bit crazed that morning and didn't think about photos till it was almost to late!  Be prepared, there are a lot!
You know I've got to start with a wedding pic!
Kate and Josh
This at was the entrance to the  farm, wedding sign painted by
Kate's BF, red metal arrow, half price from HL.
This was the Bridal party table, the Mr. and Mrs. was painted by
 Kate's BF.
My winter wreath and candle sticks on the mantle unit behind the Bridal table
(candle sticks bought at yard sale last summer for $2.00)
My pumpkins and garland

Kate's Bridal bouquet, put in vase on Bridal table after ceremony
(We did all the flower arrangements and bouquets)
All the fall flowers were picked out and ordered from
Kroger's for an amazing price.  All the ribbon was HL,
at 50% off
All the Bridesmaids bouquets were used as  arrangements
on the Bridal party table, middle, Kate's, the other 2, were
her bridesmaid's bouquets
 For the centerpieces on the tables I used a mix of fall flowers in
clear ball jars with burlap ribbon.  We put them on my vintage
ironstone platters with shredded paper and pumpkin pods
which I already had
View of some of the tables

I used vintage windows and antlers on the back wall.  Windows are
 from the flea market, $5.00 each, (already had), the antlers I borrowed
from Josh.  (using Josh's antlers was a surprise for him, and he loved it)!
Close up of antlers

This is the cake table.  It was very warm and the icing started
to melt which caused the top layer to slid a bit.  The cake,
cupcakes and groom's cake were all made by Josh's sister, Julie.
Julie's husband made the fabulous log cake and cupcake  stand
 and log slice for the groom's cake.  The large moss piece under
  the cake was purchased at a local décor shop with a 20% off coupon. 
 Silver mint julep cups (which I had) were used to hold the utensils

Kate found the cake topper on Etsy, it was perfect!

The Groom's cake
The guest sign in and favor table
Julie made little pumpkin breads for us to
give as favors to our guests
dry erase boards, 50% off, HL
Instead of a guest book, I bought some plain cards from Michael's for 
50% off and then stamped them with images that fit our theme, 
deer, bear, pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, etc.
(Some of the advice they got was quite interesting and funny)!
I used one of my vintage suitcases for cards.
I made the card sign out of  scrapbook paper from
HL, 50% off
I used on of my windows as a frame for pictures of
Josh and Kate from different periods of their relationship.
Easel was borrowed from my next door neighbor
My swan was the centerpiece on the food table which
unfortunately I didn't get a photo of
This is a shot of the rotunda, in the center I  used some of my
vintage wicker furniture.  Not shown on the left side was the drink
table and on the right was the food table
Josh and Kate didn't see the reception area till they entered after the ceremony and thank goodness they both loved it!  The process was very stressful and nerve wracking but also fun and very rewarding!  My next (and last) post will be the wedding photos.  
Till next time.....