Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Red ...2

I think of January and February as the "winter" months.  For some weird reason, I don't really think of December as winter,  just as the month of Christmas.  February is all about Valentines, hearts and flowers but since I'm not that kind of girl,  for me, February is all about the RED which is something I do love.  So......I'm going to share some of my favorite RED things. 

The red Mobile gas Pegasus 

Vintage red luggage

 Vintage red riding jackets (had to put this in again
this year for those of you who might not have seen it
last Feb, it's my favorite)

  Red tennis shoes
Red life preservers
Vintage red travel trailer
Amazing red plaid ball gown
Red skies
Vintage red scale
Classic red Porsche (my dream car)!

Red coffee cups,  (the bigger the better)!

Red tool boxes
Not to forget you Valentine lovers, here is a heart for you!
Till next time.....
This week I will be joining these fun parties:
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