Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring At Home....

Finally!  I was beginning to think I'd never get my mantle and house ready for Spring!  But, ta da, it's done and I'm so ready to enjoy the warm, sunny days with a fresher, simpler look!  Since I've gotten my winter stuff put up and my spring decor out, it just seems so much lighter and brighter in here,
and boy,  was I ready for a change! 

My window was free, found in an alley by the trash, the 2 topiaries, on sale at Target,
artichokes free from my old boss's shop, vintage sugar, $3.00 from my old store,
little bird, $1.00 from my old store.

Till next time......

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodies from the Goodwill

I try to make it to our local Goodwill a couple of times a week and usually find a few little things.  Ours is not the best, there is rarely any furniture and and not many good small things.  VERY SAD!  One of the reasons I think is because in our Lowe's parking lot, there is a large trailer, (tractor trailer size) that takes donations for the goodwill.  It's in a convenient location and is always loaded with stuff! Unfortunately, the thing most people don't know it that it all goes to Nashville, not our store, which means ours is sorely lacking!  Here are a few of my latest finds.

This little lettuce bowl and plate was $3.99

Ironstone pitcher, $1.99

Owl, .99 cents

Turkey $1.99

Owl picture,  $2.99

Rooster plate.  $ 1.99

Pitcher,  99cents

Child's portrait in gold frame,  $6.99
(who could give this up)?

New frame,  99cents


Turkey napkin holder,   99cents

Little tea pot,  99cents

Candle holder, (candle is mine),  $1.99

Till next time.....

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last of Winter.......

  I've been out of town since last Sunday, visiting with my BF, Leslee in Statesboro, Georgia.  We were doing wedding planning for her youngest daughter who's getting married next November in Savannah, outside in one of the gorgeous squares, and just plain having fun! Took some photos of some of the places that will be used which I'll share later.  I  got home last night, and as soon as I recuperate from all the running we did,  I'm going to get started  switching things up for spring, I'm so ready!   In the meantime, here are some random photos from around the house, still in winter mode.  

Lamp on sale from Marshall's, $25.00
small trophy, $7.00 from ant. mall
school desk, yard sale, $5.00
dog, gift from a friend

Clock, Homegoods. $28.00

Small suitcase, yard sale, $2.00
box, $5.00

Wood bowl, from my old store, $20.00
from my friend who every time she sees it asks my "why did I sell that"?
antlers, free, gift from daughters boyfriend

Red chair, $7.00, thrift store in WI.
side table from flea market, $20.00
picket fence fire screen made by a friend for $45.00
deer lamp, yard sale, $7.00
(my coffee table and side table that match it and the TV 
are the only new furniture pieces in the family room) 

Poster, Internet, $20.00, frame, Micheal's, half price sale
red chair, thrift store, $7.00

Dogs from my old store on sale, $25.00 for the pair,
pine cone tree, after Xmas sale $3.00

Lamp, yard sale, was brass, repainted, $2.00, shade, yard sale, $3.00,
vintage photo of horse and rider, thrift store, $5.00, boots my Aunt's,
riding hat,old store, $20,00

all suitcases, under s$20.00

Basket, sale from Target, $5.00, wood bowl from my old store, $20.00
Antlers, free, gift from my daughter's boyfriend,  (my coffee table
  and matching end table,  not shown, along with the TV,
 are the only new things in my family room

Fox, sale from shop in Franklin, snow shoes, from my old store, $35.00

Enamel bucket, $10.00 from my old store,
red stool from yard sale, $5.00

Clock from ant. store $35.00
ladder from the Gathering show in Nashville, $20.00
tablecloth, $15.00 from flea market

Ironstone platter, my old store, $20.00

Till next time......

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

That time of the Month....

This past weekend I got to once again go to the Flea Market.  This time my daughter Kate went with me so we not only got in some shopping but also a little Mom, daughter bonding time.  We had a lot of fun and I did manage to find a few things but not a lot of what I was looking for.  Surprisingly there were less vendors there then last month.   I think it will be getting back to normal in the next couple of months once the weather warms up.  Kate was totally embarrassed that I was taking pics of people's stuff and would walk off like she didn't know me when I started snapping pics.  It was pretty funny, she just doesn't get it!  Here is some of the cool stuff that was there this month!

These last three lamps were made by our friend John, he had a space in our old store and makes the coolest lamps!  These 3, the tool box, the metal gear, and the globe were my favorites!

Till next time......

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