Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Perfect Day

The Holidays are over, hope you all had a wonderful time!  Mine was not as good as it could be,  I got back from CA two weeks before Christmas on Saturday, and by Monday I was sicker then a dog! Someone on that plane wa a BAD germ!  Been that way for the last 4 weeks but am finally feeling a lot better!  Enough of that, on to other things! Since I've been feeling better, I've managed to get the Christmas stuff put away and caught up on all my chores.  Now, I'm ready to relax a bit and enjoy!  I haven't blogged over the Holidays, do to the above and trying to get Christmas together so I'm reposting a post I did way back when I first started blogging.

This is my idea o f the  "Perfect Day". 

I'm going to get up in the morning and drink this

Eat this

(not all of them, silly)!

Lay on this
Sofa & Sectional Collections
Cover up with this
In front of this
Beautiful fireplace...simple mantle decor. Love it... ❤️:
Read this
Cottage Journal | 1/2016 Cover
Watch this
Eat this
(don't think about the calories)! 
After all that, I'll be ready for this
 Pattern Primer: Plaids vs. Checks:
 How about you, is this anywhere close to your perfect day?
Till next time........
This week I'll be partying at: