Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kate's Wedding Venue

A while back, I made the decision to slow down on blogging.  It was getting to be stressful  and over time, I lost the FUN!  Now, as you can see if you've been a frequent visitor, the periods between posts can be somewhat long or not, depending on if I want to post..... or not!  No pressure "to keep up"!   It's been so much nicer and a lot more relaxing to just post when I feel like it and to not be worrying about the rest!  Just thought I'd let you know what's going on in case any of you were wondering.  I'm still here,  just on my terms and enjoying it a lot more!  I'm still visiting, enjoying your blogs and leaving comments.  Hope you all will continue to visit and keep in touch!
I promised you guys photos of my daughter, Kate's October wedding and am finally getting to it!  
Since there is so much to show you, they photos will be broken up into 2 or 3 separate  posts, ceremony site, reception decor, and, the wedding.  A lot of the photos were taken before everything was done, taking pics was not high on my list at the time!  We just had the morning before her 2:00 pm wedding to set everything up which was pretty stressful!  Fortunately, my 5 BFs were there to help!  I couldn't have pulled it together without them!  Kate didn't really have a clear vision of what she wanted so it was up to me to kind of put it all together.
 I decorated their little rental house when they moved in, (all with things I already had from flea markets, yard sales, etc.  All they had to add was his bedroom furniture and a couch, they were very happy with the results so I had a pretty good idea of their style.  They both like a lot of the same things I do, style wise, sort of  simple, rustic, and classic.  Luckily, I had most of the stuff that I used for the reception and had to buy only the small things.  I used a lot of 40% coupons at Hobby Lobby!  For doing a wedding on a very tight budget, we were all pleased with how it came together.
The venue was on a small horse farm about 10 minutes from our house that Kate found on the Internet.  We visited, fell in love with it, they had a date available in October that would work for us,  we picked a package that covered what we needed and went from there.
Before I show you the venue site and ceremony site photos, here's a wedding photo to give you a little taste of the wedding!

Kate and her "girls"

The venue

The path to the pool house where the Bridal party gets ready

Looking toward the secret garden from the reception pavilion

This is the arbor, entrance to the reception pavilion at one end
and the rotunda at the other end, both are covered in vines and twinkle lights.
(Shown is the antique wicker furniture I brought for the rotunda)

View of the reception pavilion

Looking into the secret garden area next to the pavilion

A view of the property

  The ceremony site, we used log stumps and pumpkins for the aisle decor

This rustic fence and garland defined the seating area

The weather was perfect, the setting was gorgeous,
we couldn't have asked for anything more!
Next, will show you photos of the wedding décor.
Till next time,
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