Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Stitches......

Fall is finally arriving here in TN!  The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting that crisp, clear, sunny look that is so energizing!  Love it!  Here's a look at one of my favorite things, a pillow I cross stitched years ago to welcome fall.   When I lived in Green Bay WI, I found a fabulous x-stitch shop which was owned by a wonderful woman named Robin who has since passed away.  When I found her little place, I had just moved there and knew no one.  When she saw where I lived, she told me she had a customer who had also just moved here and lived on my street.  She then proceeded to call her and hand me the phone.  Needless to say, "Judy" and I made plans to meet and became best friends.  We both loved to cross stitch and she was also a fabulous quilter.  Robin would open her shop twice a week at night and women could come for a couple of hours and stitch, shop and just have fun.  It was a blast and some of my best memories were made there, stitching away with friends!  I have to tell you this, I thought it was hysterically funny!  The Fox River runs thru the middle of Green Bay and there are bridges  for crossing back and forth all thru town.  Green Bay is not that big and shopping and restaurants are all over  both sides.  One of the first things people would ask when you met is "where do you live"?  When I'd tell them, they'd say "oh, I NEVER go on that side of the River"!  That just cracked me up, I couldn't imagine how they couldn't because it's basically like crossing the street!   I loved living there,  WI is a beautiful and wonderful place, a very well kept secret!   Go Packers!!  Just a example of what it's like,  the police cruzed  the neighborhoods and passed out GB Packer football cards to all the kids!  

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer's Last Look.....

The hot, hot summer weather here has finally gotten a little better and we can feel fall coming!  I can't wait for the leaves to start turning and the weather to get cool and crisp.  Since I've been a little lax on posting this summer cuz of our new arrival,  I thought I'd show you some of my favorite summer decor as I'm putting it away and pulling out Fall!!   

Ironstone pitcher,  $5.00 - yard sale find
Starfish, .25 from a yard sale

My favorite Florida tablecloth, $20.00 from the Flea

Starfish plates, $3.50 from Good Will

 Twine balls, free with another purchase from 
a antique store in Watertown
Ironstone bowl, $8.00 from my old store

Vintage brackets from our old store, (boy do I miss getting 1st pick 
of all the great stuff  we had there),  $8.00
Starfish, all for $3.00

Flakey cabinet in my favorite green , $5.00 from the Flea

Fish plates,  $ 3.99 and $ 2.99 from the Good Will

Vintage shell box, $2.00 from the Flea

Summer plaque $2.50 on sale at Marshalls

Favorite photo of California lifeguard station #1 at
Huntington Beach

Florida plate, $3.00 from the Flea

Sailboat picture, $5.00 from a yard sale

Oars, all under $20.00 from various places

Next stop.... FALL!!!

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