Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watertown Treasures....

While in Watertown, I didn't get a whole lot but here are a few of the
cool items that came home with me.

This little Scotty planter is so cute and is now living in my kitchen above the cabinets
as the newest member of the "pack"!  He was $2.00

This little bowl says $4.00 but I got it for $3.00.  The green
band fits in with all my Green stuff!

I loved the red plaid design and the name on this little tin box,  it was $1.00

There are 6 napkins and I got them for $2.00

My friend and her husband found a lot of cool  things to take back
to California with them but I didn't get a single pic of their stuff!
They had a blast and their truck was full!
Till next time.....

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dressed for Thanksgiving.....

No, this isn't about Mr. Tom Turkey, although he does look pretty snazzy in all his feathered glory!
It's about having a beautiful table for your friends and family at Thanksgiving!  It's such a wonderful time of the year and setting a fabulous table makes it even more special!  Here are some gorgeous examples that I fell in love with from Pinterest! 

Till next time.....

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Race is on......

While my best friend and her husband were here visiting from CA, we went to the annual town yard sale that happens twice a year in a little town out in the country called Watertown.  I always try and go cuz you can find the best stuff there for CHEAP!  This was my best score and I love it!

If you can see, there was a price of $14.95 on it but I asked if they would do any less on the price
and I ended up getting it for $3.00, yep only $3.00!  Is that a score or what!

The box it came in

The game itself came in a Tin looking suitcase, it's not bent or damaged, just a reflection
Whoops, I just noticed me in the reflection, pretend I'm not there!

Is it not the best! 
I picked up a few other things also that I will show you later!

Till next time.....

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flea Market Goodies......

I love it when the end of the month rolls around and it's Flea Market time!  You just never know what you will find, either to bring home and love or to sell.  There's so much to see, so much fun!
I loved this old, rusty sign!
Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

These next 5 photos are from the space of the women who puts on
the Gathering Show every year If this doesn't make you
 want to go, I sure don't know what will!

How could I and Why did I leave this orange tool box behind?
Love it!

This little orange scale in the corner came home with me, $7.00

Just so you know, that is not a mirror so it's not me!

For those of you who "think" Pink....

I wanted this table bad!  It was the perfect color and size to use as
as an island in my kitchen!  All I would have done is add wheels!  $140.00
Ufortunately, when I came back (had to think about it), it was sold!

Can't leave out Christmas!

See anything you like?

Till next time.....

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