Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Around the House...2012

Halloween is almost here so before it's over, I wanted to show you a few
of my favorite Halloween decorations that come out every year to celebrate
the season!  A lot of them are of course, thrifty finds.

 I got this owl the last fall we had our store open from one
of our dealers before the "owl" craze.  He's one of
my favorite things, you can't tell from the pic, but he's really sparkley


This skeleton pic I got from one of my favorite dealers at our
old store for  $3.99, I thought it would be perfect for Halloween!

Owl - sale from Kirklands $3.99


One of my favorite photos of the kids, starting at left, Aaron's friend,
Aaron as army man, Chris as skeleton and Kate as Belle, 

Pumpkin wall hanging, from our old store, $5.00

Skull, ( 75 cents) under glass,  cloche, $1.00 from
a yard sale this summer


Red shelf, yard sale - 50cents

My favorite jar of  "eyeballs", collected years ago from
Taco Bell kids meals

This is a vintage music score from our old store, got it for $1.00
and had it framed at Hobby Lobby.

A friend and I made these years ago and sold them at a craft fair.

Halloween wall hanging from my old store, $7.99
(man, I miss our store, I used to get some great stuff there)!

Another photo of my kids that I get out at Halloween,
Chris, the pirate, Kate the princess, and, Aaron, the power ranger
Hard to believe they are now 26- Chris, 21- Kate, and 23- Aaron!

The same friend and I also made these for the fair

Got this little pumpkin guy at the Gathering Craft Fair in Nashville a few years ago

Well, there you have it, some of my favorite Halloween decorations,
hope you enjoyed your little glimpse into my Halloween!

Till next time.....
PS.  I haven't showed you any photos of Kailyn lately, here is her hospital
photo taken when she was 2 days old and one of her and mom and dad


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Mantle....2012

I can't believe Halloween's almost here!  I added a  lot more to my mantle this year then I have in the past and am pretty happy with the way it's turned out.  Most of the things I've used, as usual, are thrifty finds from yard sales and thrift stores to sale items from some of my favorite stores.  

I added feathers and pine cones to the garland  I got at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago
on sale.   The 2 bundles of sticks - $2.00 each at a yard sale 2 weeks ago

Window - $5.00 / witch print on wood - $6.50 from our old store. 
It's signed and dated 2005

Pumpkin man - sale at Marshall's,  $5.99

Crows - $1.00 each at the Dollar Store last year
Skulls - 50 cents last year at Kroger after Halloween

Pumpkin lady - on sale at Marshall's last year - $7.99

This cool Halloween banner was given to me by my BF, Wanda
for my birthday a couple of years ago


Cat garland - a few years ago on sale at Hobby Lobby

At the last minute, I added my vintage pumpkin man in front of the  picket fence
He is from the Good Will a couple of years ago.  We used him for decoration
in our store, where everyone wanted to buy him but I couldn't part with him
The kids thought he was scary but I think he's more cute then scary

Well, that's my Halloween mantle for this year.
Next and soon, I'll be showing you Halloween around the house!
Got to hurry, it's almost time to put Halloween away and get out TK!

Till next time......
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Overload....

I haven't posted for a while cuz things here have been a bit crazy!  First, I spent a week and a half with my best friend at her house in Lexington Ky, where she teaches at Eastern KY U.  I don't know why but I didn't take any pics of her lovely townhouse on the golf course, will save that for next time.  While she taught for 2 days, I had a lot of fun getting her fall decorations out and up.  From there we went to her main home in Statesboro, Ga. for the rest of the week.  (She has a 5yr teaching contract in KY then she'll go back to her home in GA).  In Statesboro, we worked on getting things ready for her daughter's wedding  on November 10th.  It's  going to be outside on one of the beautiful squares in Savannah at 4 in the afternoon, keep your fingers crossed for beautiful weather!   Saturday we spent in Savannah, getting Lauryn ready for and taking her bridal portrait.  OMG, talk about gorgeous, she was beautiful in her gown!  Here's a little peek, more after the wedding!

I was home from there for 3 days and then my BF,  Marsha and her husband, Dennis from CA arrived  to visit for a week.   How often do your visitors bring their own house to stay in while they're visiting?  Well, mine do!  They have a really cool trailer that they back in my driveway and they're set with all the comforts of home, well, almost!  

They are retired and spend the whole summer traveling and have come by here for the past 2 years. she and I have been best friends since the 7th grade.  Needless to say, we have a lot of crazy history!  Luckily for me, they love to do the same things I do, junking and eating!!  This year one of the stops we made was to the new shop Mike Wolf opened up here in Nashville, if you don't know him, (I can't imagine), he's from the show, American Pickers.  It was pretty amazing.   Here's a couple of photos, will do a post with more later.

The weekend after they left, I was on my way to Dartmouth College in Hanover New Hampshire  to meet up with my sister from CA to visit my niece who is a senior there.  We flew into Boston and then drove the 2hrs to Hanover.   It was perfect fall weather, sunny, clear and crisp.  The leaves were changing and it was absolutely gorgeous, so beautiful it takes your breath away!  I changed purses at the last minute and and of all the stupid things, left my camera in the one I didn't take!  I don't have any of the photos I took on her camera till she uploads them  but here is one of the college and one of downtown from the web.  Once I get the photos from her, I'll do a post.

Dartmouth College

I got back home Tuesday night, just in time to celebrate Kate's 21st birthday on Wednesday.
she, I and her brother, Aaron, went to our favorite mexican restaurant for lunch and  I bought her her 1st  "legal" drink, of course, it was a margarita.  (This is not the norm, I don't encourage my kids to drink, but since this was a special occasion so I indulged her).

(When they know it's your birthday, they make you wear the "hat" while they sing happy birthday and give you dessert)  

Here she is with Josh, ending the day at my house with birthday cupcakes

Well, that was my crazy, busy month so far, now I can settle down and get back in the routine of being home.  I just got my Halloween mantle done and decorations up, will be showing you that soon!

Till next time.......

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Other Man......

The beginning of October  I get to visit with my  "other man",  Mr Pumpkin Head, first name, Jack.   He thinks he's pretty dapper, always dresses for the occasion and  likes to strike a pose.   He's very charming, has a big smile and can usually be found on the front porch, sitting in his favorite chair, watching the world go by.  I may be prejudiced,  but I think he's quite handsome!   He's the kind of man you like to have around,  doesn't eat much,  never makes a mess,  isn't demanding, doesn't complain or talk back!  ( I don't know about you, but sounds like the perfect guy to me)!  He usually stays for a month and leaves the beginning of November, not one to overstay his welcome!  We are always sad to see him go but know we only have to wait till next October and, "he'll be back"! 

(sorry, didn't notice my toes in the pic)!

Mr. Pumpkin Head was also a very thrifty find, I got him when he visited us at our old store and kindly agreed to come home with me for the small sum of $5.00.

Till next time......

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