Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Perfect.........Day

 Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Florida was a lot of fun but, a real quick trip.  Down Wednesday, spend Thursday with family, back on Friday!  We had lots of fabulous food, ate way to much, laughed all day, and even made it to the beach for a little while.  The weather was a sunny, warm 80 degrees and beautiful.  I forgot how blue the water is and how white the sand is! Today was spent getting things caught up around the house so, tomorrow, this is what I'm going to do! Get up in the morning and, ...

Drink This

(my obsession!)

Eat These

(not all of them silly!)

Lay on This

(this sofa is from Pottery Barn and perfect!)

Under This

(I have 3 of these from Restoration Hardware and they are Fabulous!)

In Front of This

(if only my fireplace looked like this!)

Watch This

(my favorite movie, Something's Gotta Give)

Read This

(my favorite magazine)

Eat a Little of This

(pecan pie, my favorite)

Whew! After all that,
I will be ready for this

(my dream bedroom from Pottery Barn)

That is my perfect day, what's yours?

Till Later......

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Tablescapes........

                                         Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of the year! Family, friends, good food, all make it a special time!  Our Thanksgiving this year is going to be spent in Florida with family.  We all don't get together often so this will be a lot of fun and, who doesn't want to go to Florida!  Since I won't be setting a Thanksgiving table this year, here is some Thanksgiving eye candy for me and you! 

I would love for my family to sit down to any one of these beautiful tables !

Till next time,


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is White The New Orange........

  White pumpkins seem to be all the rage this year.  They make a nice change from the typical
orange, even though I love orange in the fall.  I really like looking at all the white rooms, accessories and decorations, I just can't seem to give up my color!  I came across these ideas for decorating with white pumpkins and thought you might like them.

Till next time.....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet November......

                                        I wish this time of the year could last forever!  Fall here in Tennessee is absolutely wonderful! We are having the best weather that we've had all year!  When it's like this, I get bursts of energy and my mind goes a million miles an hour.  Now, if my body could just keep up, I might actually accomplish something!  Is it really the thought that counts?
Here are some lovely fall porches that have inspired me. 


Till next time.....


Friday, November 5, 2010

Sale Items!!!........Don't miss out on these great deals!


                     Here is some pictures of what is now on sale.  We will continue to post pictures of new items as they go on sale and keep you updated on the happenings at the store.

Vintage school desk: $38.50
Red child's chair, (2): $20.00 each

Small trunk: $100.00  ( good shape inside & out)
         Large trunk: $120.00 (good shape inside & out)

Wonderful pair of nail head chairs: $60.00 each

Vintage coffee table: $65.00

Lovely set of 4 vintage maple chairs: $75.00

Sweet white vanity: $125.00

 Tray table: $55.00

Set of 4 vintage harp back chairs: (sturdy) $100.00

Vintage display case: $150.00

Wonderful full size iron bed: $150.00

I will be posting more pictures of items as they go on sale,
so, check back often!

Till next time.....