Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas at Kate's and Our Sweet Arrival

I thought I'd show you how I helped Kate decorate for her first Christmas last year in the little house they are renting.   She had no decorations but you all know that was ok cuz I have PLENTY!  I went thru my stuff and took over what I thought she'd like.  She is much more of a minimalist then me but she was happy with the things I brought.  Last year Kailyn was to little to understand Christmas, this year she got to help decorate their tree.  Kate told it me it was a lot like the commercial, (target maybe) where all the kids decorate the tree and all the ornaments are on the bottom.  Kailyn wanted to put all hers on the same branch!  Here are the photos, there's kind of a lot so be prepared!
 PS.  I'm having a problem with my line bar, some of the sentences describing the photos would not stay centered and would move all the way to the left, couldn't figure out the problem after fooling with it for a couple of hours.  ( Now as I'm typing this, it's working, I give up)!
Kate's entryway
I got this little table at a neighborhood yard sale for $7.00 the year
Kate and Josh moved into their little house.  I knew they'd love it!

The glass on this yard sale picture, bought for the frame, broke so I flipped the print over and
taped this Hobby Lobby Christmas scrap book paper to the back of the photo 

I got the mirror coat hook at the goodwill for $7.99, made the banner from sale scrap book
paper from Hobby Lobby and made the mittens with ribbon and fabric she picked out

Every thing on the fireplace is from me except the antlers and picture 
I got these stockings at Kohl's the year before after Christmas at 90% off
they were $1.49 each, the glass initials were also half off at Kohl's

This buffet was  given to Kate by my BF, she found it on the side of the road in perfect shape
It fit in the nook next to her fireplace perfectly.   The mirror I got at a yard sale for $5.00 and then painted it black to go with her things.  Every thing here is from me except the  antlers used in the middle, those were Josh's.

Kate used the tree that they found in the attic when they moved in
I got her the bow and skirt on sale at Hobby Lobby
The black and white landscape photos, (the other is behind the tree)
I got at a yard sale for $ 3.00s each
Lamp is a brass one sprayed white and the table was oak, I
painted black, both yard sale finds for under $5.00 each
One of Josh's antler racks decorated for Christmas

Baby's lst Christmas ornament from Hallmark for Kailyn 

Kailyn's baby shoes


The Christmas table runner I got on sale at Hobby Lobby last year, the tray and glass hurricane are yard sale finds.

My sister gave me 2 of these by mistake so I took the ornaments to the mall, flipped them over and had their name put on the front, forgetting to take the moose and have their last name put on.  I'm going to do that this year along with having Sarah Kate's name on the last ornament.

These 2 photos are of Kailyn last year at Christmas, in both she was 16 months old

 Last year visiting Santa

 Kailyn this year visiting Santa

Till next time.........

P. S.  She's here!!  I made it home before Sarah Kate decided it was time to join us for the Holidays!
She was born at 9 am, Monday, December 8th, weighing 7lbs and 13ozs.  Her entrance caused quite a bit of drama and trauma,  will get into that more later but all was fine.  Here are a couple of photos, will have more later.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Past.......

I know it's been a while since my last post but life has been pretty busy lately!  Kate and I have been getting ready for baby Sarah Kate's arrival, setting up her room, getting her room painted, rehabbing furniture, and making sure she has an adorable wardrobe ready  to wear once she decides to grace us with her presence!  Her due date is Saturday, 12-13-14!  Neither Kate nor I think she's going to wait till then, she's in position, and being ornery by giving Kate contractions on and off for the last couple of  weeks .  We think she's ready to make her big escape any day now!  The bad thing for me is that I've been in California for the last 2 weeks and have 11 days to go  before I get home.  Kate's doing everything she can to keep her from "falling out" as she calls it.   If she doesn't have her before I get back, she's going to be induced either on Fri the 5th or Monday the 8th.   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that little bugger waits for me!
I've been in CA to help my sister who had left knee replacement surgery the week after I got here.  She had surgery last Tuesday and came home Friday.  She's doing amazing, all the medical personnel we've been dealing with since the surgery can't believe how well she's doing!  So well that her physical therapist gave her a gold star on her chart to show her 1st graders when she goes back to school in January. Before I left, I did manage to get my Fall and Halloween décor all packed up.  Christmas is going be a little simpler this year because I won't get home till Wed,12/3.
Since I won't have any Christmas up for a bit, I thought I'd post some photos from past Christmas's.
Be prepared, I might have got a "little" carried away!


My favorite dump truck on it's way to the Christmas tree lot
to deliver it's load of vintage ornaments

This was made by the floral designer who had an amazing booth in our old store

This little moose was from the same floral guy,
he has a big brother who's hiding somewhere

These are some of the snowmen I make

One of my past Christmas mantles

Gingerbread couple lounging on  one of my vintage scales
while taking a break from baking

These are some of the mittens I make
(the mittens and the snowmen are the extent of my sewing abilities)!

Chris, Aaron and Kate's Christmas stockings


Another one of my Christmas mantles,
snow banner made by me

My sister sent me this moose with all our names on it one Christmas
I got these cute vintage Christmas cards from another dealer in 
our old store for $1.00 each and then framed them.
These are some of my favorite snow people
This Snowman and Santa were the first Christmas decorations
I bought for my first place back in 1971
One of my favorite nutcrackers, a $2.00 yard sale find
and a photo of my Arab gelding from back in the 80's
2 vintage snowman candles from the 80's
This is a framed Christmas bag from one of my favorite "junk"
dealer who had a booth in our old store

PS. Here's a recent photo of Kailyn, no longer a baby but at 2, a little girl!
Till next time......
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Monday, August 25, 2014

California Trip - Camps and Cottages

I know I've been MIA but life has kept me pretty busy for the last few months.  In January I spent 2 weeks with my family in Orange County CA.  One of the things we did was take a drive down the coast to Laguna Beach, one of my favorite places.  My main goal was to visit a shop called Camps and Cottages.  I'd seen it years ago in Country Home magazine and just lately there was a spread in the 2013 Autumn Cottage magazine on her home in Carmel CA.  My sister, 2 nieces and I were lucky enough to pick a day when the owner, Molly Hyde English was there.  We chatted for a bit and she was very sweet and gracious enough to allow me to take photos for my blog.  She has a lot of wonderful things, and if I hadn't been flying home, my car would have been loaded down!  She's also written 2 books which can be purchased on Amazon, Camps and Cottages and Vintage Cottages.  She had copies of her 2nd book, Vintage Cottages which I bought and she kindly signed.  My nieces and I each bought one of the fabulous vintage flannel shirts she sells. They are so soft and smell amazing because of a secret process that her vender puts them through. If you are ever in the area, it's a shop well worth visiting!  Click to visit them on line, Camps and Cottages.

 Now for the photos!




Hope you enjoyed your tour of this fabulous shop!
Will have more on my trip and a tour of another wonderful place,
Roger's Gardens, which is beautiful nursery and shop.

Haven't shown you any photos of Kailyn lately,  she turned 2 the end
of July, can't believe how fast time's flying by!

Kailyn  with Dad and Mom at her Chucky Cheese birthday party

Kate had her first sonogram at around 15 weeks
and got the exciting news that she was having a little
boy!  We were very excited!
(notice the blue slippers)!

Kate had her second sonogram at her Dr's office about a
month and a half later.
Shocking news, he is a girl! It took us a while to wrap our
heads around that news after thinking of her as a little boy
for almost 2 months!  Back went the little boy cloths and home
came the baby girl cloths!  Can't wait for Kailyn to have that
 special bond that only sisters share!

Mom and Kailyn, halfway there!


Till next time....
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