Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday House Love........

Just to let you all know, today,  the weather is finally sunny and calm after all the storms of the past 2 days! The tornadoes hit all around us here in Murfreesboro, but did no serious damage, not like some of the other areas.  In town here, we had stop lights blown away, trees down, some roof damage, things of that nature.  We were very lucky!  After all that, I need me some HOUSE LOVE!

photos: Traditional Home

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday Flea.........

Friday, I got the spur of the moment urge to hit the road, so that's just what I did!  I headed to the Nashville flea market not knowing what  to expect considering it was Easter weekend.  Never fear, there were plenty of vendors and lots of shoppers!   Even though I didn't come home with a lot,  I found a fabulous old school map that is complete with the hanger and still rolls up perfectly and the best part is, that it's of Nashville and was only $20.00!  The other thing I got were 3 exit signs that were $5.00 each but since I got 3, he gave me all of them for $10.00!  I came home a very happy camper!  Below are my 2 purchases and some of the cool stuff that I sadly left behind for other happy shopper to take home!
First, I have to show you "Heart Attack Hill"! If you enter from the back of the flea, this is how you have to get there!

This is how it looks from the bottom looking up.  Not too bad you might think, but keep in mind,

This is looking down  once you've crawled your way to the top!  This view gives you a better perspective on just how treacherous the "HILL" really is!

Once you've had CPR and they've used the dreaded defibrillator to get your heart beating again,
let the shopping fun begin!

My exit signs,  love the red & black!

The colors in this map are wonderful, different shades of green cream and a berry red.  I have wanted one for ages and couldn't believe my luck!  My favorite junk man always comes through!

I really wanted this but restrained myself! It was only $30.00!
Only time will tell how sorry I'll be!

Now, on to the things I left for other happy shoppers!

(You are looking at the locks right, not the man candy in the background)!

More flea photos to come!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter......

Happy Spring   Happy Easter!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Hoppen" Down the Bunny Trail........

Spring and Easter are not times that I do a lot of decorating for now that the kids are older but  here are few of the things I put out to celebrate the season. (Would you believe this  first rabbit  came from Lowe's)!

These two x-stitch pieces, I did years ago.  Haven't done any for a while but will be soon.

 I made this years ago and it is one of my daughter's favorites, she insists that I put him out every year and lord knows, we want to make our children happy!  (Sometimes it's just the little things, lol)!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Causual Ralph......

The weather is warming up and to me that means away with you heavy cloths, sweaters and coats!
I want to be doing fun, casual, outdoor activities, only with you Ralph!

I could live in these all summer, there's something for every occasion.  Now, if I only had that body!  What am I saying, of course I do!  (lol, in my dreams)!
Ralph, are you ready, let's go!

Till next time.....