Thursday, December 2, 2010

Your'e Invitied, Big News.............

We will be having our last Christmas Open House this Friday!  There will be lots of good good, sales and fun! 
Now, for the BIG NEWS!  This will be Wanda's and my last day in business, but, we have sold the store and it will reopen in January under new ownership and a new name. The wonderful dealers that we have will be staying   We are very excited about this and hope you all will continue to support them as you have us. We want to thank all our wonderful customers and friends who have been with us since the beginning!  We will miss you all! We are excited to tell you that we will both have a booth in the new store and are looking forward to starting our new adventure!
 I will continue doing the blog because I have been having such a great time with you all and will be posting pictures of our new space and will keep you updated on all our wacky adventures and Wanda will continue with us on face book.
Hope you all will continue to visit often!

Till next time......

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Best of luck to you - keep following your dreams!