Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Perfect.........Day

 Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Florida was a lot of fun but, a real quick trip.  Down Wednesday, spend Thursday with family, back on Friday!  We had lots of fabulous food, ate way to much, laughed all day, and even made it to the beach for a little while.  The weather was a sunny, warm 80 degrees and beautiful.  I forgot how blue the water is and how white the sand is! Today was spent getting things caught up around the house so, tomorrow, this is what I'm going to do! Get up in the morning and, ...

Drink This

(my obsession!)

Eat These

(not all of them silly!)

Lay on This

(this sofa is from Pottery Barn and perfect!)

Under This

(I have 3 of these from Restoration Hardware and they are Fabulous!)

In Front of This

(if only my fireplace looked like this!)

Watch This

(my favorite movie, Something's Gotta Give)

Read This

(my favorite magazine)

Eat a Little of This

(pecan pie, my favorite)

Whew! After all that,
I will be ready for this

(my dream bedroom from Pottery Barn)

That is my perfect day, what's yours?

Till Later......

1 comment:

sheri said...

i think you crawled into my head and captured the perfect day, down to the fire and CL magazine! Thanks for coming by and deciding to hang around - it looks like we are a lot alike!