Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Favorites

Time has been flying by, I can hardly keep up!  I've been keeping Sarah Kate for Kate since she went back to work which has really kept me busy!  A few weeks ago, she put her in day care with Kailyn so my days are once again mine!  I have to admit, it's been a adjustment, I miss that baby a lot!  She turned 9 mos on the 8th of Sept.  and that little girl is walking already and gives really good slobbery kisses!  Hard to believe she will be a year old soon!   Kailyn turned 3 the end of July and is playing soccer. It's taken all those little kids a while to get the hang of it, running all different ways on and off the field, pretty funny! 
I've had my fall décor up since Sept 1st but haven't had time to take pictures so I thought I'd revisit some of my favorite fall things from the past.

I fell in love with this print and got it
from a shop here in town that has
unfortunately closed

These are some of my favorite tablecloths
from my collection that I use every fall

A good friend painted this picture for
me based on a painting we saw years ago
in Country Living magazine


This is a vintage song book that I got from a
dealer in our old store and framed

My shabby white cabinet decked out for fall


Since I haven't posted any photos of the "girls in a while, here are a few recent ones.

Kailyn is a pretty good big sister, (most of the time)!  Sarah adores
her and follows her around like her little shadow

It really looks like she knows what she's doing but this
may be the only time she touched the ball the whole season!

Till next time......

This week I will be joining these parties:

Knick of Time
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bar Harbor Main

I can't believe I'm just now getting around to doing another post about my girl's trip with my sister in  April of 2014!  Does that make me a slacker or just busy, I'm voting for the latter!  Taking care of our little Sara Kate everyday does put a bit of a crimp in my style but we're having a blast. It was quite challenging or is the word I'm looking for, EXHAUSTING in the beginning but we've got it together, our routine is down, napping at the same time, eating at the same time, (me not as much as her or I'd weigh 500 lbs by now)!  She's growing like a weed, 6mos old already, still always happy, always smiling and busy as a little bee! She's scooting around, almost crawling and almost sitting up. Won't be long and I'll be chasing her around the house, I hear that's good for the waistline!
  Today I'm going to take you to Bar Harbor Main, one of my favorite parts of the trip.  It was so beautiful there, but then all New England is amazingly gorgeous.  We stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn, a place that was a popular destination back in the day with many famous movie stars.  It was quite beautiful, had an amazing restaurant and views of the bay.  Since the "season" didn't start for another week and a half, we got a great rate.  May 1st is when everything opens for the summer up there and the prices radically change.  We made our way eating and shopping down the main street of town and loved every minute of it!  I'll try to get more photos of other parts to the trip soon!  We hit Plymouth and some other great places I can't wait to show you!  Even though I'm not posting as regularly as I used to, I still try to get on and keep up with all you guys and I will try to do better at posting!
We passed this Inn on the way into town, and you know I had to take a photo! There are really quite a few giant moose statues in New England but then again, can you ever have enough GIANT MOOSE?

This is my sister standing next to our favorite Giant Moose just to give
you and idea how big it really was!
The next photos are of the Bar Harbor Inn
Rooms over looking the bay
My sister, Sandy by the bay.  Even though it was still overcast and
cool most of our trip, it was still beautiful
View of the bay from the Inn
Looking down from the top of the main street in Bar Harbor
As you can imagine, there were lots of cute restaurants 
Now that's a giant lobster!
This is where we went for a snack the first night we got there
This is what my sister had, sorry, don't remember what it was
but it was wonderful!
This is what I had.  When ever we ate, my sister pushed me to try
new things as I'm not a very adventurous eater.  It was soooo good!
Unfortunately, it's been so long, I don't remember what it all was, just that
I enjoyed every bite of everything!
I had this for desert, yummmmm!
These next photos are of some of the other cute resturants
Here are a couple of the houses that were close to downtown
We loved Bar Harbor and had a great time there!  I've still got a lot of photos
from other parts of our trip, hope to get some more posts soon!
Till next time.......

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bunny Madness

My Spring mantle and decorations are pretty simple this year.  I laid out a bunch of different things  and let Kailyn pick out what she "yikes" as she says.   She's really into bunnies this year so that's what we used.  I think I'm on bunny overload and feeling the need to change things out but will TRY to hold out for a while, hope I can make it!  
  I wrote this post the beginning of May and never got around to posting it.  I've been watching Sarah Monday thru Friday since Kate started her new job.  She's now working for a group of oncologists and loving it!  Everyone there is nice and lots of fun to work with, even the Drs.  She also has a lot of perks, the best one is that if anyone in her family gets cancer, they will treat them for free even down to the insurance deductible, pretty amazing!  Hopefully that service won't be needed but wonderful to know it's there.  Sara and I are still adjusting it's been interesting, she's still pretty needy, having to be held a lot which means I get practically nothing done during the day.  It's getting better, she's taking better naps which helps and we are having fun!  She's 5 months old now and growing like crazy. She is the sweetest, happiest baby, always smiling, never fussy, only when she's letting you know she needs a nap or is hungry.   I really need to upload some recent pics off my camera, hopefully soon!  As you can see from the photos below, I kind of have a thing for carrots!  While I was living in Wisconsin, I started picking them up at craft and antique shows and without realizing it, I had one of my first collections.

 I got the carrot banner this year at Marshall's, couldn't resist!




This is probably my favorite bunny, got him of all places, Lowe's
I haven't showed you any pics of Sarah lately, so here's a few.
(These are when she was about  3 months old)


Kailyn loves her sissy Sarah!

Till next time......