Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Visiting New England

I can't believe how fast time is flying by, it's March already which means Spring is on the way!!  This weather in TN has been crazy, warm, cold, freezing, you just never know!  It's been a while since I've posted, I'm going to try to do better!  I recently joined instagram and have been having a lot of fun, it's a lot easier then blogging, just one little photo at a time.  There is a lot of inspiration, I've found so many great people and beautiful décor photos.  I also really enjoy following people in the show jumping world  and polo worlds.  One of my favorites is the New England sites, such beautiful photos, makes me think back on my trip 2 years ago in April. It was a dream trip, one I always wanted to do! So, here are some photos that I never posted, some of Plymouth and some random.

Loved this cute Inn sign

I really enjoyed Plymouth, we spent the night and toured
a couple of the historic places  there
This was our favorite restaurant in Plymouth! They
had the best breakfasts and the plates were huge!
After stuffing ourselves at the above restaurant, we visited the historic
Plymouth settlement.  This was not on my list of fun things to do, but
my sister had promised her 1st grade class she would go and report back
what it was like. Getting to the actual settlement site was something else!
You had to walk up about a 100 miles of  sloping steps (not really but 
it sure felt like it) to get out to the end of the peninsula where the town was built.
This lady and her adorable baby greeted us when we arrived. 
Everyone is in period dress and stay in character no matter what which
makes it fun.
The main street of the settlement
This was what the houses they lived in looked like.
It was amazing once you went inside how small they
were.  I couldn't get a photo to the inside because they
were so dark.  They were only about as big as my living room!
 Hard to believe that whole families lived in these tiny places!
This is their fire wood stack, it was taller then me and
they stacked it so that it was round, pretty amazing!
This was the only photo I got of the inside of one
of the houses with my sister and the "Pilgrim" who lived there
This is the main barn
I'm ending my tour of Plymouth settlement with a photo of
one of the bulls.  It was so fun, I'd highly recommend that if
you're ever in Plymouth, it's worth visiting!  They also have a
fabulous gift shop with lots of great stuff, can't turn down a
a chance to shop, right!
This is a replica of one of the 3 ships the Pilgrim's came
over from England on.  ( Sorry, it's been so long
I can't remember which one It is)!
The "Rock"
What do you think?
This is my Plymouth settlement story which cracked up me and my sister!
After my sister and I made the long trek out to the settlement, we went
into the first house.  As I walked into the dark space, there was
a bed facing the door.  I turned to my sister and said "thank goodness,
after that HIKE, I need to lay down!  Then a voice from the other side of
the room said, "I don't think his wife would like that"!  We burst out laughing,
there was a Pilgrim couple sitting on the other side of the room in front of the fire.
Pretty quick come back from Mrs. Pilgrim!
Here are some of the gorgeous house that we came across on our trip.

Look at this "fixer upper"  wouldn't it be fabulous
renovated?  There were actually people living in it!

Till next time.....




Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

It sounds like you and your sister had a blast traveling together, Rebecca! That baby all bundled up in fur is just adorable. And the homes you featured are pure eye candy!

I did follow a few on Instagram, but then signed off. I don't have a phone to post photos, so I didn't really feel connected. Someday.......

Nice to see a blog post from you!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love this post, Rebecca! I've been to various places in New England, but Plymouth is on my list. Wow, the baby and the way she's dressed is amazing. I know she was warm! I enjoyed the pics of the homes. So much history everywhere. My hubby would love it. Maybe someday!

Jane x

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