Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Around the House...2012

Halloween is almost here so before it's over, I wanted to show you a few
of my favorite Halloween decorations that come out every year to celebrate
the season!  A lot of them are of course, thrifty finds.

 I got this owl the last fall we had our store open from one
of our dealers before the "owl" craze.  He's one of
my favorite things, you can't tell from the pic, but he's really sparkley


This skeleton pic I got from one of my favorite dealers at our
old store for  $3.99, I thought it would be perfect for Halloween!

Owl - sale from Kirklands $3.99


One of my favorite photos of the kids, starting at left, Aaron's friend,
Aaron as army man, Chris as skeleton and Kate as Belle, 

Pumpkin wall hanging, from our old store, $5.00

Skull, ( 75 cents) under glass,  cloche, $1.00 from
a yard sale this summer


Red shelf, yard sale - 50cents

My favorite jar of  "eyeballs", collected years ago from
Taco Bell kids meals

This is a vintage music score from our old store, got it for $1.00
and had it framed at Hobby Lobby.

A friend and I made these years ago and sold them at a craft fair.

Halloween wall hanging from my old store, $7.99
(man, I miss our store, I used to get some great stuff there)!

Another photo of my kids that I get out at Halloween,
Chris, the pirate, Kate the princess, and, Aaron, the power ranger
Hard to believe they are now 26- Chris, 21- Kate, and 23- Aaron!

The same friend and I also made these for the fair

Got this little pumpkin guy at the Gathering Craft Fair in Nashville a few years ago

Well, there you have it, some of my favorite Halloween decorations,
hope you enjoyed your little glimpse into my Halloween!

Till next time.....
PS.  I haven't showed you any photos of Kailyn lately, here is her hospital
photo taken when she was 2 days old and one of her and mom and dad


Will be partying this week at:


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I can see why you miss your old shop. You've scored lots of great holiday decor there! I'm loving the red wall shelf holding the stacking boxes. From the shop, too?

Sweet photos of the new family. :)

Michelle said...

Very cute. I can see what a great shop it was just from your pictures, Lovely picture of the family together.

faye said...

i love the owls

Jen said...

Great stuff-I especially love the owl and the skeleton picture. Thanks for the baby peek!

outjunking said...

Wow. That is the best hospital photo, hospitals really do it right now days. She looks like a little princess. Your Halloween decorations are so special with all the memories. You know how to do it right. Well done.

Olive Cooper said...

Rebecca, you have a fine Halloween collection. I love the pics of your kiddos in costume. The baby is an angel of course. xo, olive

SweetPepperRose said...

Hi, visiting thru Dedicated House - you have some very sweet looking decor - love your stacked boxes. And sweet little bundle of joy!

Gina said...

Your Halloween decorations are wonderful! You have quite a nice collection.

The photo of your granddaughter is beautiful! She's so precious!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am now following you too!

sew sweet vintage said...

I love Halloween decorations too!!! Probably have more than Christmas! I posted chalk board table and crafty clothes pin to the welcome home wednesday party:) Happy Halloween!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Fun, fun, fun. I love that skeleton picture. Such a precious baby and the pics are stunning. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Pamela said...

Your Halloween touches are just perfect. Thanx for joining the party!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hospital pictures!!! She's such a cutie pie!! :o)

I really like your skeleton picture on the wall! My grandfather has one that looks identical to it! It used to creep me out as a kid. :o) He also had one of those pictures hanging up that was a woman looking in a dressing table mirror, but if you looked away and looked back at it, it would look like a skull, too! Creepy!

Carol @arewethereyet said...

Love some of your decorations - the pumpkin wall hanging is fabulous! Very cute family pictures - the baby is precious!
Hugs -
Carol @arewethereyet

Jody and Stan said...

Love all your Halloween vignettes, thanks for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Congrats on your new
granddaughter. She's beautiful!


Sherry said...

Very cute! I love the owl! Congrats on that sweet little baby!

Kate Gunter said...

Ahem, Mother....
I was ESMERELDA, not Belle.
You need to brush up on your Disney characters. lol


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