Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lost in Space.....Or Atlanta

No, as embarrassing as it is,  just lost in Atlanta!  OK, I'll start at the beginning!  Every February for the past 4 years, my sister has flown in from California  because this is when we get together and go to Woodstock GA for my niece's softball tournament.  She has been a starter for the Mercer University softball team since she was a freshman.  Let me preface this with the fact that I have been going to and thru Atlanta for the last 20 years, have driven to KY, NC, across the country, etc, but, somehow this time we were not able to find our way from the fields in Woodstock, the same fields every year, to our hotel in Alpharetta,  ( about 30 mins away)  to save our lives!  I'm sure by now you are asking yourselves, haven't they heard of that little thing called  a GPS?  The sad answer to that question is, YES, we did have one and I guess you Really  are supposed to GO where the LADY tells you to Go!  Why that was so hard for us, I don't know but apparently, it was!  Honestly, we thought she was very bossy, uppity and a bit confused, could she have been out to late the night before and had a bit too much, you know, (?) or, maybe she just didn't like us, because every time we put in our destination, SHE told us to Go a Different Way!  We went over the river, thru the woods, even into Atlanta, and we did see a lot of interesting things,  just not the softball fields!  The good news is that by the last game on Sunday, we finally gave up and did what SHE said and we were actually Early and got a standing ovation from our team's parents!  The whole weekend was one screwy thing after another! ( Lucy, Ethel, where are you)!   I will only give you one more example of the goof ups and all the rest will as they say, What happens in Georgia, stays in Georgia!  On Saturday night, we were following the team bus back to where the girls were staying to spend some time with my niece till her curfew.  The bus pulled into the hotel and circled around back.  We parked in front and went in and up to the third floor to wait for her outside her room.  Well, we waited and waited and then the phone rang! Amanda wanted to know where we were and we told her outside her door.  We couldn't figure out how she got there before us but she said the door was open and to come in. We tried the door, not open, she said it was and to try again.  Then she said What Hotel Are You In?  Thank goodness the door didn't open!  Wouldn't you know it, we were in the wrong one!  When we thought the bus circled around to park in the back, it just cut through the parking lot to go to the hotel behind instead of turning on the street next to both hotels and going in that way.  Was he deliberately trying to fake us out or what?  Other then all the LITTLE mishaps, we had a great time, weather was pretty good and they played well, won 3 out of 5 games.  Here are some photos of my niece at the game in Woodstock and Mercer in Macon.  It is a beautiful campus with some wonderful old buildings.  We didn't have a whole lot of time to take pictures but here are a few.  When I download pics from my other camera from previous trips, I will show you more of campus and some of the beautiful homes and buildings in Macon where Mercer is located.  Wow, this post is a lot longer then I had planned! I sure didn't make a long story short, just long!

Amanda at her position as second baseman

Number 12, Amanda, up at bat

The sign at one of the entrances to school which was founded
in 1833

As you can see, the library

The bookstore

Just of a few of the wonderful old buildings on campus

My sister, Sandy and her senior, Amanda

Amanda and Sandy on our last day, (Monday) at
breakfast at her favorite place, Waffle House!

Morning coffee in a mug, what could be better!
We had a blast!

Till next time.....


Heather said...

Almost sounds like an episode of "I Love Lucy"! I have no sense of direction, so I can absolutely relate going the wrong way! :) What a beautiful campus!

DreamgirlLisa said...

Your weekend was the makings for some good memories with your sis, certainly ones you will always be able to laugh about!! Very beautiful campus...so fun to share in the experience of our kids' college life!!

bikim said...

so sporty!!!!!!!!!!
great photos!
love the pics on the monuments!
good luck doing the easter egg!!! if you can't do it or don't feel like it you can always get one from my dawanda shop! ;)
any doubts?! i'll be glad to help you!!!
have a gorgeous day!

Mitt hvite hus said...


Sound like a great weekende.. love your photoes..
Have a nice week..

Hugs Kerstin

asantamaria said...

You forgot to mention how you drove all of the way from Tennessee to Georgia in third gear, red lineing it all the way, tornado warnings, the cloud burst on the interstate that stopped up dead in the fast lane, and our encounter with ladies of the evening because not matter how many times your navigator yells left, you automatically turn right!! Never a dull moment with my sis! Lots of fun and softball!