Monday, January 24, 2011


This is my last post about coffee, honest, but I did say I would show you the way my daughter Kate and I liked to drink our coffee!  We are mug girls, no little cups for us!
These are her 2 favorites, I got them at the flea market for $1.00 each. It was supposed to be one for each of us, but she let me know real quick that they were both hers!


This is her second favorite, came from Hobby Lobby during her zebra print phase!

These 2 are the ones I use almost every day!
Kate got me the red one this year for Christmas.

This is my 3rd choice, came from Cracker Barrel,
love their coffee!

These are the ones we use when all the above are in the dishwasher,
given to me years ago by my brother-in-law! At the time I had 3 pet roosters.

Thanks you guys for all the fun comments on my last post!
It was fun finding out how you all drink your tea and coffee!

Till next time.....


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love, love love mugs. Nice big chunky ones are what I like my drinks in.

Yours look just my cup of tea (geddit?!!).


Jill i Fyra Rum och Kök said...

So many great mugs. And you're absolutely right - you should drink coffee from a mug. Otherwise you just have to refill that little cup too many times... :-)

Hope you're having a nice Monday! Here it's almost time to go to sleep. :-)

Take care!

Heather said...

What cute mugs! Polka-dot ones are my favorite!

lizzysapronstrings said...

I love your Cracker Barrel mug! The first time I went to Cracker Barrel was when i visited my friend in Kentucky. I loved that restaurant and the rocking chairs on the front porch! : )

trash talk said...

Girl, I had to come over and read a 3 part mug post! Too much fun and yes...our mugs could be twins. I got mine at Marshall's years ago and it's my fave. I used to drink coffee out of a jadite restaurant mug, but when the price of jadite went thru the roof...Debbie sold!
Finding the perfect cup is like finding the perfect blend of coffe. When it's a fit...magic happens.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come for another visit.

Destiny said...

Starbucks has the cutest new coffee mug - it looks like a little Valentine cute! I WANT it! : ) I believe that a woman can NEVER have enough coffee mugs in the cupboard!


Hello Rebecca
I also like the mug best, just like you. Great fun and seeing your mug, the hens are so cute.
Be well and hugs

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I had to share one of my favorites...


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I really like mugs also. When we were living in California I would buy mugs most any place we went and now that we are back in Tennessee I love using them everyday.You have a great selection of them. I know you enjoy yours also.