Thursday, January 27, 2011

B Trayed.......

Noooooo, no drama, just a thing for trays!  Wood, woven, metal, silver, it doesn't matter, I love them all!  They can add just the right touch to any display. 

All images from Pottery Barn

Till next time......


Emily@SENSELESSsophistication said...

I love all these trays!! Especially the hanging one!

My hubby is so not trained---he just lives in fear of me...hahahaha! He is just laid back and doesn't like my whiny voice so he gets it right the first time! hahahaha!

I LOVE all your coffee/coffee cup posts. Coffee is right up there with oxygen as far as I'm concerned!! Happy early weekend girl!!

Lisa said...

I am a tray-aholic too! Thanks for sharing!!!

All That Jazz said...

Oh too funny, I just did a post about a tray I redid! ;-) I LOVE the trays in the first photo! Very cool!!

Heather said...

I love trays because they are beautiful and practical!


So nice boxes and trays, i´m very fond of the old wooden cases.
Great photos.
Have a nice weekend

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Love the trays you've shown. There's nothing quite like breakfast in bed on a gorgeous tray like this. Perfect!