Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beach Favorites

It's been a while since I've posted but I am really gonna try to do better!  Summer is flying by and I just  can't seem to keep up!  When I was younger,  I remember hearing so many times, "just wait, when you grow up, time will fly by"!  It seems they were right!  Oh how I wish I could slow it down a little!  My sweet Kailyn just turned 4 and will be starting school next year, so  hard to believe!  Sara will be 2 in December and growing like a weed!  It's funny how they have such different personalities, Kailyn is so laid back and easy going, where Sarah is very determined and independent, she wants what she wants when she wants it and the girl knows how to get it, sometimes much to Kailyn's dismay!  Her favorite words right now are NO and Mine! It's so fun to watch them interact. They play so well together most of the time, but then again, they are sisters!
Since I haven't taken a lot of new photos this summer, I'm going to revisit some of my favorite past summer photos, and of course a couple of recent favorites of the my girls!
My favorite Florida tablecloth from my collection



Close up of my Florida plate and shells 
love the turquoise color on the plate

My vintage S and P shakers that say Florida
and are encrusted with shells along with
my old Florida spoon holder

 Shabby cabinet door in my favorite green,
$5.00 from Nashville flea

Vintage truck from Nashville flea, $10. 00

Vintage ironstone bowl and the twine balls I got
for free with something else I bought at the time

Chris, Kate, and Aaron visiting the beach in Pensacola  Florida
and a couple of my favorite shell boxes

Got these cute fish on clearance from Kohl's
Some of my shells
This year's summer mantle
arrow on sale from Hobby Lobby
pictures, sale from Home Goods in Hilton Head
mason jars with shells, $2.00 each from yard sale
whale, Marshall's,  sailboat garland $ 12.00 from Marshall's
My girls,
 Kate, Sarah and Kailyn
at Uncle Aaron's house
Kailyn showing off the proud number 4
(her birthday was the 26 of July)
Till next time......
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Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rebecca, Love your beachy treasures and vignettes. The girls are darling. Yes, summer seems to be flying by this season. It's so hot and I hate to say I'll be ready for fall soon!!
Have a great rest of the week. xo

bj said...

Love all the photos you shared...the older ones are such fun to go thru...
I especially like the olden door in green...this has been the fastest summer of my entire life.....all the girls are gorgeous....

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I'm sitting here reeling from the news that Kailyn is 4 and Sara almost 2. Time is flying by so fast!
My fav photo is your blue truck with the shell...after the girls, of course! Looking forward to fall and cooler temps but we are enjoying rain this week so I'm loving that! Glad that you'll be blogging more, too. (I'm one to talk...I've been playing hooky this summer.)
xo, T.


So cute girls, you have wonderful grandchildren
and daughter. I like all your summer things, the
turquoise color is lovely
Hugs from me/AM

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I hear ya! The months are just flying by and before we know it we'll be celebrating 2017.
Wonderful treasures, especially your beautiful family! Love that rusty truck and the chippy green door.

Summer said...

Cute grandkids! Love that Florida plate ♥

Jen said...

So nice to see you pop up with you wonderful collections. The girls have gotten so big and they are gorgeous. xo

Beemie said...

Love all your collectibles and really make me yearn to return to the beach.

Katie Clooney said...

Love all your great purchases, Rebecca!!! Wish we could go shopping together. Your girls are darling!!