Monday, November 16, 2015

New England Trip - Portsmouth NH

I know it's taking me a long time to show you the photos from my New England trip a year ago last spring, but, better late then never right?  One of my favorite places we visited was Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  It had beautiful homes and a wonderful down town area, lots of shops and restaurants.
One of my sister's favorite shops was the Alex and Ani jewelry shop.  I had never heard of it before so that goes to show how out of the loop I am!  She added to her collection and I bought a bracelet for Kate.  We both could have done a lot of damage there!  Unfortunately I didn't think about taking any photos while we were in there.  We really enjoyed our time in Portsmouth, would highly recommend a visit if you're in the area!  

This was one of our favorite restaurants, very funky,
the portions were huge and the food was sooo good!
They had all kinds of crazy things hanging from
the ceiling and on the walls



This is what I had, the omelet and raisin toast were huge
and oh so good! As you can see, I was more interested in
eating then taking a photo!

My sister ordered sweet potato fries and got this huge platter

Gorgeous houses on the water
A lot of the houses in New England are adorned with
wonderful weather vanes, this one was one of
our favorites
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Karen@Southern Gal Meets Midwest said...

Beautiful! I have traveled to New England to visit with my husband. He grew up in Connecticut and lived in New Hampshire too. We are looking forward to going back. Maybe we can add Portsmouth to our itinerary. Thanks so much for sharing.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Fun day! I love all those houses and the whale weathervane is awesome. I have a strange hankering for a thick slice of raisin bread now!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

That first photo of the shop with a blue door and weathered cedar siding...gorgeous combo! The architecture is stunning and the food looks delish, too!

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

I would love to travel to New England!


Beautiful photos from your trip to
New England.
Hugs and love/AM

Jann Olson said...

Rebecca, hubby and I were in New England just this last Oct. Loved every minute of it. We went by Portsmouth, but didn't spend time there. We were staying in New Hampshire and traveled to Maine and Mass. This sounds like a wonderful place! I too loved the weather vanes.

Patty Sumner said...

I so want to go to New England some day.. Your trip sounds wonderful.. Such beautiful homes...and wow, great shopping and eating.. Great visit.. Blessings!

Art and Sand said...

I love when I think of something and later that day a connection occurs. This morning as I was making the bed, I looked into my husband's art studio and spotted a painting he did of our trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. And now you are mentioning it.

Portsmouth is beautiful.

Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!