Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life in the Busy Lane.....

I can't believe it's been a  month already since I did my last post! As I said, I
've had a lot going on the past few months and it's been hard to keep up!  Last time I told you part of my news, one being my son coming home and moving back in, well, the other BIG news is that the beginning of December, we found out my daughter and her boyfriend of 4 years are expecting a baby girl the end of July!  We are so excited we can hardly stand it!  This will be my first grandchild and so happy to be getting a little girl!  The name they picked out for her is Kailyn Grace.   Most of the month of April, I was busy getting furniture together and painted, ready to go into the sweet little house they rented.  Fortunately for them, my garage is a treasure trove of furniture and accessories so we were able to completely furnish the place with every thing except a couch and the bedroom suite he brought from home.  Much to her surprise, I was able to capture both their styles, his being rustic outdoorsy and hers being totally uncluttered, kind of eclectic.  (She thinks I have way to much stuff )!  Every thing was either from our old store, the flea market, yard sales or the Good Will.  Once we got that done, it was time to move on to the nursery which was of course done on a budget and I think it's adorable!  Her colors are pink, green and brown.  Will do a post on it later.  After that was done, with the help of a couple of my best friends, we thew her a shower the Saturday before last.  Luckily for me my BF, Leslee ia a fabulous cook and offered to do all the food!  ( I don't really like to cook and if I have to do food for any event, it throws me into a complete panic)!  I was in charge of the invitations and decorations, much more in my comfort zone! Here are some photos from the shower,  most of them turned out well except the ones in the kitchen are unfortunately a bit dark.   The theme was nesting and birds which matches the theme of the nursery and the crib bedding that she picked out from Pottery barn.

The invitation

Frame, $2.99 from Good Will, was ugly gold,
painted it white

Kate and Josh, with one of Kate's baby pics

I couldn't believe my BF, Wanda actually found a bird balloon!

We used my Jadite and Johnson Bros dishes and platters for serving

The mercury glass cake stand I got at our old store for $35.00

The cupcake stand I got at a yard sale for $ 1.50 and 
the green bird was on sale for $3.99 at TJ Maxx
The pink runner is wrapping paper, it and the napkins
came from the dollar store
You can't tell from the pic, but  the cupcakes are white frosting with
pink booties 

I hung all Kailyn's shoes with pink and brown ribbon from the chandelier
which I got a couple of years ago at the Watertown yard sale for $10.00

The little pink cowgirl boots I got at Cracker Barrel 
to match Mom's

These are all photos of Kate when she was a baby
mercury glass candlesticks, on sale at Marshall's for $10.00 each

These are photos of Josh when he was a baby
(this shelf hangs usually hangs over the chest) 
   On top are pairs of Kate's baby shoes

Kate's 1st Nikes

I'm really sad these next few pics didn't turn out, we used pink and green
paper lanterns in each corner over the table, over the window was
a garland I made with all Kailyn's little baby hats.  On the table
was all the food, a vase with white hydrangeas and 2 more little
green birds from TJ Maxx.  (We had just started putting the food
on the table).

The hat garland

We made this banner with Kailyn's name.
My window was free, found in trash pile

This little stroller blanket matches her bedding from PB

Josh's Mom made this and it hung in his room when he was a baby

Josh came at the end and was rewarded with a onesie that came with 
directions so he'd have no trouble getting it right!

The happy parents to be

I won't be posting as often this summer,  will be spending time
with Kate and having fun waiting for the baby which is getting closer every day, 
she's due the end of July, beginning of August,  but I will  be checking in to  
see what everyone is up to! 

Till next time.......


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Awe congratulations, Granny! I was thinking about ya just the other day. I hadn't been posting either, but actually looked you up to see what you were up to. Now I know.

Olive Cooper said...

What a lovely daughter. The shower was gorgeous. Love up that baby when it comes. We have our two grandkids right now for three weeks and are busy.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

How exciting! What fun ideas for decorations. Love the baby hats and shoes. Adorable.

Isn't it great to furnish a place out of your "extras"? We furnished our daughter's apartment with things from our attic. I think the only new thing we purchased was a mattress!

Congrats on the coming granddaughter!

andrea@townandprairie said...

Yay for babies! Your decorations are beautiful! I love pink nad green. I hope she has a safe delivery!

outjunking said...

Congrats! Family time is so important enjoy every moment.

Jen said...

There you are--I was wondering what you were up to. That is exciting news--and what a lucky little girl to have you as her grandmother. Your daughter looks beautiful. Enjoy your special summer.

Sherri Cassara said...

Congratulations!!! Your daughter is beautiful - glowing! And I am so happy for all of you! You did an amazing job on the shower - LOVE all your details especially the shoes! Welcome to the 'club'!!!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Congratulations, grandma-to-be! You are going to have so much fun with that little girl! We just had our granddaughter over for 2 glorious days! Now that she's gone, the house seems so quiet. I can hardly wait for our next visit. Just you wait, she'll steal your heart!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You have Kates Baby Nike's! How darling. Congratulations to all! Exciting times! Well you will be doing exactly what you should. There's only one "first"! So nice that you came by for a visit!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you!!! Little girls are the best. Of course, I may be a little partial. :) the shower was beautiful and I can't wait to see how your hard work paid off in the nursery. I hope the rest of Kate's pregnancy goes well! She is a beautiful momma!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Our grandson Will was born at the end of July three years ago and what a joy he has been. His new brother was born just a few months ago so I can tell you that you will love being a grandmother. The shower looks like it was so beautiful. I really like the colors that she picked for the nursery and what a pretty name they have chosen.I pray that all goes well with her delivery.


Congratulation so exciting, your daughter looks so lovely, it´s a happy couple. And you did a wonderful shower.

chateau chic said...

A new baby is always exciting. You did a fabulous job on the shower - so many CUTE ideas. Love your daughter's tiny shoes hanging from the chandy.
Mary Alice

must love junk said...

I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for your kind comment-I'm now following you back :)

thistlewoodfarm said...

Congratulations!!!!! How exciting! The shower looks amazing and July will be here before you know it!


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Such sweet news and such an exciting time for yoru family! I swear I think the whole blog world (or at least those I follow) have become so busy w/ their lives it's hard for all to keep blogging. I'm in the same boat! But glad to see everybody pop back in from time to time - esp w/ fun news like this. Enjoy this wonderful time!!! xo

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Congratulations!!! Everything looks gorgeous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Aw, congrats! Your daughter is just beautiful! I love love love the shower. Such original ideas, especially the baby hats! And I love your dishes you used, would love to have a collection like that!

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Rebecca,

Congrats on your first grandbaby!!! How exciting this all must be for you!!! And that shower you threw was just beautiful - loved all of it!!! Please post pics of the cute little bundle of joy!!! Enjoy your summer!


Beth @A Little Country House said...

that is a beautiful shower. So many great ideas! Loved the baby hat garland and the baby shoes! Thanks for stopping by to see me. I used Martha Stewart Barn Red on my farm house end table. I think it is the best red for farm chic. I made it into chalk paint and used ASCP dark wax over it. Hope that helps!

Honey at 2805 said...

Congrats to you and your beautiful daughter. What a lovely shower and your ideas are all so cute!

Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

Shabbygal said...

Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Congrats to you and the happy couple! I so want a baby girl granddaughter so I can spoil her. Have a great week! Traci

the poor sophisticate said...

Hey there! Congrats on your grandbaby!!! How thrilling for you! What a gorgeous shower! I just adore your mantle! Looks like you have great things happening in your life! I am thrilled to be your newest follower! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Jann Olson said...

What a darling couple and I love the babies name. Your shower decor is so fun. I love the booties hanging from the chandelier. I am such a bird lover that I love using them for parties. I held a shower for our last dil and did it bird themed also. I love the jadite and the mercury glass. You will find that being a grandmother is so much fun. We are having grandchild #9 the end of July. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

Anonymous said...

I know I already commented on this, but I wanted to let you know I'm still thinking about you! I hope life is slowing down somewhat. You know once that precious baby is here it is going to get even busier! :o)

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog about the living room and office. We worked so hard to make everything pretty and I'm so pleased at how it all turned out! Your compliments made my day!

live sports said...

nice pics

Michele Smith said...

Oh how wonderful! What fantastic news :) So glad Aaron is home safe and a grandbaby on the way!!! Life is good :)
Beautiful pictures, the shower looked lovely. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the baby girl!
Have a wonderful summer! I'm sure I won't be posting as much either LOL

Sherry said...

How sweet! Congratulations! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!