Friday, October 1, 2010


 To all our wonderful customers and good friends, Thank You for making our open house a huge success!!!
We had a great turn out, ate lots of food, drank lots of yummy sangria and sold lots of cool stuff! 
Uh Oh, Houston, we have a problem!
 I down loaded pictures from my daughter's camera last night cuz I used hers to take the  pictures of  the party and I ended up having to down load all 900 pics from her camera.  Now, when I went to my pictures to put the ones from the party on here,  I can't find them and my computer guru is at a sorority retreat and I'm stuck!!!  Soooo, have to wait till she gets home tomorrow to figure it out!  Yeah, we are fixed!
Here are some of our wonderful guests!

2 of our most popular venders

2 of our favorite customers and friends



(My computer Goddess, daughter, Kate)

Till next time....

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