Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you sitting down........

Here I am sitting in my favorite chair all comfy and cozy, trying to figure out what to write about and this may be silly, but I love this chair!  It's big and it's red with round, fat, arms, a high back, 4 little feet and oh soooo comfortable!  Considering, he's (I think the chair is a he!) the ripe old age of 16, he looks pretty darn good! Now, I'm  not saying he doesn't have any flaws, I know I do, but, that's another story for another time!
There's a little rip on his left shoulder that gets covered with a seasonal throw, and one of his little feet (very little feet for such a big chair,)  falls off whenever you move him.  But, other then that, perfection!!!  I adopted him from St. Vincent's, a thrift store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was wandering around the store one day and there he was, in a long row of sad, lonely furniture all putting their best faces(seats?) forward, hoping to find a warm, loving home. What's a girl to do?  He was calling out to me and I had to save him!  Of course, he had no price so I had to hunt down someone to find out what to do.  A little man came over and looked at him and looked back at me and said  "I guess you can have it for $10.00."  Sounds good right?  No, not good!  I had a problem, last stop of the day and I only had $7.00 left.  All I could do was ask and hope and yes, done deal!  We've lived happily together ever since!
I guess, now, all that's left is to show you a picture of my favorite chair!

                       Till next time.......

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