Monday, September 23, 2013

Dress for her, dress for me.....

Hard to believe it's almost October and for me, that means a wedding is FAST approaching!  This summer I've been busy planning Kate and Josh's wedding.  Sunday, October 13th is the big day and it's almost here!  Things are coming together, and if it all works out like I want, I'll be one happy girl!  This is my first and will be my only foray into the wedding business!   Needless to say, the closer it gets, the more I wonder if I've done everything I need to do, have I forgotten anything, is it going to look like the vision in my head, am I going to be able to put it all together on the day?   I will be doing a few posts to fill you in on the progress.  This one is about the dress, no, not her dress, my mother of the bride dress and Kailyn's little flower girl dress.  I DREADED looking for something to wear, I don't even know when I wore a dress last!  I saw this one at David's bridal while Kate was trying on her wedding dress.  I liked the color, it was a bit fancier then my taste but they happened to have my size so I tried it on.   Kate really liked it, surprisingly fit well and looked ok.  I hem hawed around for a couple of months, couldn't make myself go out looking so ordered it.  You all know me, I love a bargain, it was on sale for $99.00! I looked for shoes, they had some dye able ones there that were cute.  The ones I liked were $59. which I didn't want to spend so kept going back.  I lucked out, they were marking things down for the end of summer and I found a pair that I liked, now, don't faint, for only $12.99, marked down from $60.00!  With a $5.00 dying fee, they ended up being less then $20.00!
On to the photos! 
Kailyn's dress 

We couldn't decide what we wanted Kailyn to wear, all the dresses at David's were pretty pricey and not what we really liked.  I got on Etsy and surfed flower girl dresses and found the perfect one ! It's from a shop in South Carolina, a linen/cotton mix with her monogram and a handkerchief hem.  The monogram is done in tan as is the sash.  It came quickly, the owner of the shop, Ronda was very helpful, and price wise, it was $54.00, much less then all the ones we'd looked at up till then.  It fits her perfectly, she looks adorable of course!  The pic of the one from the shop has anchors on the bottom of the sash, ours does not.
The name of the  Etsy shop is Zadabug, (click on name to visit), the owner is Ronda Lancaster.  I highly recommend it if you need a special dress for your little one!  She also has other monogrammed items that are just as cute!
Photo from Zadabug's website on Etsy

This is ours
(hasn't been pressed yet)

Kailyn's monogram

Hem detail
Kate and all the wedding party will all be wearing cowgirl/cowboy boots.
This is a picture of the ones (or one) I found at Khol's for Kailyn.
They were $54.00, I waited for a coupon and not only did I get 20% off, they were on sale for $21.00!  They ended up being less then $20.00!  This pic is from Kohl's website, I ordered K's but they haven't gotten here yet.  They are brown with embroidered flowers. She loved "stomping around" in them.
Now, my dress
Sorry this pic isn't the best, it's from David's web site not so good, but it will give you an idea of the details and shape of the dress

 It's a really pretty taupe color which this photo does not do justice

Next time, I'll tell you all about the place we found to have the wedding!
Till next time.....
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Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Absolutely beautiful, all of it!

Olive said...

Gorgeous. Love the monogram. You will rock that dress.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I remember the stress of finding the right dress for our daughters' weddings, but it looks like you hit the jackpot with that gorgeous dress and shoes to match. You'll be one gorgeous mother-of-the bride! Your granddaughter is going to look adorable in that sweet dress. :)

I just watched Father of the Bride.....again. Love that movie! When you get too stressed out over all the details, take a night off and watch it.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Rebecca, I love it all! That sweet little dress is adorable and the boots...she's going to be too cute for words. Your dress is gorgeous and the shoes, too. I cannot believe what great prices you found! Will we get to see you in your movie star dress? And wedding pics, too? I hope so!

Jen said...

Your dress is wonderful--subdued elegance! Kailyn's is also beautiful--so fresh, with wonderful details. And it will be so cute with cowboy boots! I love the cowboy boots for everyone (except you of course) idea.

My son is getting married next spring and I'm already thinking about/dreading the dress thing. You've given me hope.

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

Beautiful dresses and thanks for sharing the site for the children's dress! I love the idea of the cowboy boots too!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Wow, what beautiful dresses and quite a bargain! I love Kailyn's monogrammed dress and the boots are adorable! Your dress is stunning! I can't wait to see additional pictures!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I would be pretty crazy about now, but you have done so well! Your dress is gorgeous! Shoes too! And I love the little linen dress. You have been so smart about it all. The costs can be crazy! So nice that you took time out to leave me such a lovely message. The wedding is going to be wonderful!


Beautiful dresses. It was a lovely mix with dresses and boots. I like it!

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Rebecca,

Oh you must be having tons of fun helping with the wedding! Love everything that you found - I'm sure you will be gorgeous! :)

It's been awhile since I last posted...but I finally put up a blog post! :) It was nice seeing what you have been up to. Wishing you a fabulous day!


Kirsty Girl said...

Very cute! I geuss the wedding has come and gone now. Hope you all had a brilliant time!