Monday, February 4, 2013

February Red....1

I know February is all about Valentines day, hearts flowers, romance, all that stuff.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for romance but I'm soooo not a  hearts and flowers kind of girl but I do love me some "red"!   So, I'm gonna  celebrate Valentines day a bit differently by posting some of my favorite red things!

Red riding jackets
Red bikes
Pool balls, especially red ones
Red English phone booths (I like aaron pretty much too)!
Red tennies
Red coffee cups, the bigger the better
Red bed linens
Red plaid
Red picnick ware
Vintage red travel trailors
Red luggage
Red flats
Red adirondack chairs
Vintage red trucks
Red books 
(ok, so I gave in and put one little heart in this post for you tradionalists out there)!
Till next time......
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Jen said...

I never think of red as being a favorite colors, but I love so many of your pictures, I'm going to have to re-think that!

Olive said...

Love the CONVERSE high tops. I have a wee pair of CC's still. Great post Rebecca.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Red deliciousness!!! In this world of white everything, a splash of red brings out the happiness. :)

I love it all! I hope you are doing well, Rebecca, and enjoying your sweet granddaughter.

xo, Vickie

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hi Rebecca~
It's good to hear from you! Cheery post with all this red. I'll take the truck!
Hope you are doing well.
xxx, Tina

Michelle said...

I agree. I am not a hearts and flower girl either. All my red is in my kitchen with my collection of chickens.

✿Carol✿ said...

LOVED all of these reds, especially the bike and the old pick-up truck!
Happy REDnesday,

Anonymous said...

Great info. Lucky me I found your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
I've saved it for later!
Feel free to visit my blog ... ridiculously photogenic guy

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Loved the reds, as I scrolled down, I thought "I like this best" then the next one I liked better and better!! LOVE the trailer!
Happy Rednesday,

Ivy and Elephants said...

Everything gets better with a pop of red splashed on. Great photos.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Jann Olson said...

This lover of red can hardly contain herself. Each picture gave me a new high. Kind of like a drug. lol! You know that I was mad about that plaid! Thanks for sharing with SYC. By the way, I don't really love hearts either and I'd much rather have flowers in my garden.

Hip Brown said...

I like your valentines style! Red is one of my favourite colours. Loved the suitcases! Such a great bunch of reds. Rachael

Jody and Stan said...

I love all the photos with February Red in them. Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.
Happy Valentine's.


Tazas y Cuentos said...

Lovely photos!
The bike and the trailer are fantastic.

Sarah Shumate said...

I love all the red...particularly the red telephone booth! I suppose I'll be seeing those more often here in a few weeks! :o)