Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ahsville Quick Trip.......

On the way back from a fast trip to NC in October, to help my AF son pack up his apt. before he left for Afganistan, I took a quick detour at the Biltmore exit in Ashville NC.  I had just come out of a torrential rain storm,  the sun had come out and the sky was of course, Carolina blue, it could not have been more beautiful!  I'd been to the Biltmore house years ago at Thanksgiving with my parents who were visiting from CA and my 25 yr old son who was a baby at the time .  It was all done up for Christmas and absolutely gorgeous!  It was Friday and really crowded so I didn't get to drive around as much as I wanted.  I did get a few pics of the gate and a couple of buildings on the main drag that I thought were pretty cool.  If you ever get the chance it is a amazing place and a must see!

This is a photo of the entrance

The following photos are in the gift shop at the entrance,  unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the building!

This is one of the many paintings they had of the Biltmore House.

I loved this painting!

These deer were in the children's section

Here are a few pics of some of a couple of the buildings I took on my way out of town.  Keep in mind, I'm taking them from my car!

This is a huge hotel

This is a local church

This, believe it or not, is the local McDonald's

Well, that's my quick trip to Ashville,  I can't wait till I can go back and really explore!

Till next time......

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Blondie's Journal said...

We visited Asheville last spring and just loved it. Not only did we tour The Biltmore, but our hotel was in the same area and I recognize so many of the places in your pictures, especially the McDonalds! Pretty fancy!


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hi Rebecca, you are the "quick tripping-est" lady I have ever met, lol. I have been to the Biltmore once, and I also recognize some of the other places in this post. Beatuiful town! We went back at Thanksgiving one year on the spur of the moment to take one of the midnight tours when all of the trees and fireplaces were all lit up. Needless to say, the waiting list to get in and tour was many, many, hours long because we didn't get tickets in advance, and we had a child with us, so we didn't stick around for it. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Olive Cooper said...

The dog picture is wonderful. I adore the N.C. mountains as I spent my childhood summers there. I just put up images of the riding hat. ♥O

Jen said...

Such a great gift shop--unique goods. I went to Ashville once--it's a special place. Glad you got a chance to pop in.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Looks like you had a most wonderful trip/visit! Cannot believe that is a McDonald's! Would love to visit that house one day. :) Thanks for sharing!


P.S. Thank you kindly for your kind words on my recent post! :)

Ironstone and Pine said...

One of my most favorite places to visit, everyone needs to see the Biltmore decorated at Christmastime. I was there once about 6 years ago and it started snowing.....hard- i remember looking outside Mrs. Vanderbilts bedroom window at the snow coming down over the countryside, it was awesome!!! Asheville is one neat place!!

Tina said...

OH my obsession, Yes I have been obsessed with the Biltmore House since the first time I went there 35 years ago.

My parents lived in Hendersonville for about 17 years and every time we would visit them I would take a trip to Asheville to get my fix!! I am going to miss going there :o(

outjunking said...

North Carolina is just a beautiful place. What little I have seen, I fell in love with. The dog picture is just wow oh wow! Glad to see you had a safe trip.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I love Asheville so much...I'd hoped to come before Christmas but the hubs is having knee surgery on the 12th, so maybe next year! I have never been to the Biltmore during the holidays, but I'm dying to go. It was snowing while we were there, though. It's gorgeous.


Delightful little Bambis, what a nice place you been to. So nice picture with dogs, and lovely small dog figurines.
Wish you a happy week