Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friends and The Flea........

This past weekend was Sooo much fun! First, it was Nashville Flea Market time again and Second, one of my bloggy friends, Teresa from Our Southern Country Home and Farm, drove all the way up here from Mississippi to go to it with us!  My friend Sherry and I met her and her friend Tonia at Mickey D's and then went on to the Flea.  We had a blast shopping till we couldn't shop anymore, is that possible, heck no!  They found things they'd been looking for and hadn't been able to find and by the end of our shopping spree, their car was loaded!  Here are some pics of our crazy, fun filled day!

Tonia and Teresa with Teresa's 1st find of the day,
a fab hat box for $3.00!

My BF Sherry and Teresa

Teresa and one of her favorite finds!

While we were there, we were also were lucky enough to meet Robin and Pam from the blog
They had a space with lots of fabulous things!  They were a lot of fun to talk to and told us about going to the opening of Mike from American Pickers new store that had it's grand opening in Nashville, Friday night.  They said they will be sharing lots of photos from the opening party on their blog soon.  Can't wait to check out his new store, they said it  was wonderful with lots of amazing stuff!

From left to right, Pam, Teresa Robin and Tonia

I wish I'd gotten some better shots of their space but we were
on our way out and it was really crowded by their space which
was really good for them!

In  posts to come, I will show you some of the great things we saw at the Flea that didn't come home with us and our trip to Franklin Tn.  Needless to say, we packed in as much as we could in one fast and furious day of shopping, gabbing and fun!
Be sure to check out Teresa's blog,

Till next time......


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Now Rebecca, I wasn't expecting to go to one of my favorite blogs and see my face plastered on it! We had a blast that day, and can't wait to get back. Matter of fact, I have had several e-mails asking about the flea market after showing our wonderful finds at such fab prices. One or two lived in the area and knew nothing about it. If I were closer, you couldn't keep me away. Have a great rest of the week, will talk to ya later.

Anonymous said...

I love that little blue stool! That would have been coming home with me. :o)

This looks like a great flea market! I've got to get to it one of these days!

Holly said...

Looks like so much fun! I want to go back there soon. Seeing your pictures makes me really want to go!

Jen of Country Weekend said...

What fun! I am kicking myself that I didn't get there while my son lived in Nashville. And how cool that American is opening a store there!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Looks like a perfect day. Shopping and friends!

Heather said...

I'm jealous! :) Looks like fun!

Michele Smith said...

Hi Rebecca, I am still on vacation but I just wanted to write real quick to say that is really awesome your son is in the AF at Goldsboro. My husband is also deploying in Aug. to Afghanistan. He used to work weapons and on the flight line until I was diagnosed with cancer, then they moved him to backshop. I wonder if my husband knows your son, that would be really neat!
I am your newest follower and I'll catch up whenever I get home from vacation!
BTW looks like a great flea market and a lot of fun!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Looks like a great sale and a fab gf day! How nice that sweetie Teresa came to shop with you too!
Looks like a great place for some serious treasure hunting!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Have never been to Nashville but it's on my list. Have heard there is some amazing shopping/antiquing there.
Have a great 4th, Rebecca.

Kathy said...

It sounds like you gals had a great adventure filled with lots of treasures. My friends and I have traveled to Nashville and shopped all the way up. We loved the Heart of Country show but esp. the tailgate shows. The Flea Market looks great. Have fun decorating.

Amy Arnaz said...

Hi Rebecca~
First time visitor here after clicking over to you from Julie Marie at Idyll Hours. I wonder if you know my cousin, Jeanine, who also went to the flea market in Nashville? Her blog is

Loved the photos you posted of your home all decorated with red, white & blue. Lovely. In the Spirit of today I'm sending you a Happy 4th of July wish from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. ~ Amy Arnaz