Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ralph Who........

Ralph, I have to confess, I love everything about you! I could wear only your cloths, walk around in your shoes, carry your bags,  live with all your furniture and home accessories, and sleep under your sheets and blankets.  And, to top it off, you only get better and better with age!  Lets start with purses and shoes and accessories!

I love these heels, the color, so simple and classic,

I would so wear these with a pair of wool slacks and jacket

This purse looks so casual and stylish 

How cute and comfy would these be with a pair of jeans

This belt would look great with slacks or jeans

How cute would these look with white slacks or jeans and a striped nautical tee

These sun glasses are so me

I would wear these all summer

This would be my "go to" belt

I would love carrying this with jeans, a tee and the sandals above

I'd wear these all the time

I would never wear these but I really like them

Ralph, I will be back, we have so many more places to go together!
(No restraining orders please, I'm really not a stalker)!

Till next time......


All That Jazz said...

I have always loved RL! I went to the black label store once while on Rodeo Drive....OMG! Amazing. Have you seen pictures of their ranch? To die for! There is a cookbook by Ricky Lauren. I want to order it someday. It's about the ranch lifestyle. Look it up on Amazon!
Thanks for your sweet comment on our post! ;-)
Happy weekend,

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love the things that you've picked out. Lush!!! Oh, and don't get me started on Ralph's (we are on first name terms now, right?!) homeware. I'd have it all n a flash!!



I admire Ralph Laurens creations to. The first purse is wonderful.
Looking forward to more from RL.
Have a nice sunday

All That Jazz said...

Ralph is indeed dee-vine! We have a outlet here that I always hit up, even if it's just for eye candy.

Thanks for stopping in and joining our giveaway. Barn House is fabulous! We went to one of their flea markets the summer before last and it inspired us to open a booth in a shop. That's where it all began! Good luck with the giveaway and have a great week!

Tara~All That Jazz Vintage

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

You obviously have great taste. Wouldn't mind having a few of those items you showed for myself and I sure wish I looked like the chic in the first picture up there too lol. I have been trying to diet, maybe I could come and look at her everytime I start to stick a piece of chocolate in my mouth and I wouldn't do it. Have a great week.

A Vintage Vine said...

Great choices!!! I am in love with those sandles!

Vicki said...

So classic. I love the bags especially.