Sunday, September 12, 2010

Curl up with........

One of the things I love to do is to curl up on the sofa in front of a cozy fire with a good book!  My favorite book of all times is Gone With the Wind.  Some of my other favorites are, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, anything by Dean Koontz, James Patterson or Dick Francis, just to name a few.  And, yes, I have read all 4 Twilight books, my daughter made me!  (She also made me see the movies, and I have to say,  they weren't too bad. I'm team Jacob, she of course is for Edward !)  We made a deal that I would read them if she would read Gone With the Wind!  Needless to say, she has yet to full fill her part of the bargain, but, she will!  Can't forget any interior design books I can get my hands on.  But, there is nothing better then the lovely patina of vintage books, the way they look, the unique titles, the color of the pages etc. Here are a few pictures of some beautiful books gotten from the Internet.

The books below are from my personal collection.  I love any books
with a title that makes me think of the outdoors!


  Till next time.........

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