Monday, August 30, 2010

Pare Down...........

I was looking around my house, trying to decide when I was going to start packing up my summer decor and start getting out my fall decorations and accessories when I realized I had a lot more collections than I thought! That made me wonder, do I have too much stuff?  Am I one of those people that has crossed the line from collections to clutter?  (My family sure thinks so!)  Should I pare down?  NOOOO!!!  Can't do it!!!  Love them all too much!  And, that's what counts, RIGHT? 

Can't have enough of these! Thank goodness
I got most of mine before the prices jumped!
(And, they are all full!)

Can you ever have enough ironstone?

Just some of my jadeite collection,  have place settings for
10 along with serving bowls etc.  Collected way before
Martha.  Lucky for me!

Love sea shells and my Florida plate!

I've got a collection of state tablecloths from places that are
special to me, such as places I've lived or family lives etc. 
 WI, CA, AZ, just a few examples.  I change them out with the seasons.

Shell boxes and one of my favorite pictures of my children 
that I took on a Florida beach when they were small.

Beachy decor is the best!

Boxes always come in handy!

How many picnics can 1 person go on,
and yes, they are full too!

Puppy planters! How can you not love those faces!

       Some of my favorite dog collectilbles.
   Well, there you have it, some of my favorite things! They
 are me!  What are some of your favorite things to collect?

    Till later.........
   Had to add this picture, she was watching me as I was
writting this post.
Jenny, my daughter's cat.


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Susanna Carter Cline said...

Rebecca, I don't think you have any idea how amazing you are. I know I give you a hard time too about how much stuff you have, but seeing these photo's of your collections made me realize that this is exactly who you are. You would be lost without your "things". I love seing you and your things at your house and at your store. Since we don't see each other very often, it's great to be able to visit you online. Your blog ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. Keep up the great job!! Your Friend, Susanna