Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Dance.........

 As bittersweet as Friday night was for me, it was wonderful for my 18 year old daughter who was experiencing in her opinion, the second best event of her senior year, PROM!  She is the last of my 3children to graduate High School!  (Tales of her 2 older brothers will be left for another day!)  She was a little sad to realize this was the last time she would attend this magical event but totally excited about getting ready to move on to the next and last milestone of her high school career, graduation!  10 more days and counting!  I know I'm her mom and a tad bit prejudiced, but I thought she was beautiful and couldn't resist showing you a few pictures of her, her wonderful boyfriend of 2 years and last but not least, the dress she has vowed to keep forever!

They grow up so fast!
Till next time......


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Kate G said...

I WILL keep that dress forever! You should write a book on my life. :)
Love you!!!!