Friday, February 19, 2010

What's cookin.........

Here it is  the end of the week and once again, the cupboards are bare!  How does that happen?  Time to think about making that (?) trip to the grocery store.  It doesn't help when you have 2 children looking at you with those big, sad eyes and moaning, "there's nothing to eat, what's for dinner"?  Mind you, my son is 24 and a ex marine and my daughter is 18 and a high school senior.  If I have to slave away in the  kitchen, here are a few I would love to spend time in! 
Quick,  someone order the pizza!



These beautiful kitchens are inspiring enough to make
anyone want to cook, even me!
Till next time......


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Susanna Cline said...

I Love a big kitchen with lots of windows. I don't understand why they build small kitchens when this is the hub of your home. I would be happy with any of the kitchens from your pictures.